Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The truths we do tell

I just found out I have four draft posts on Blogger, so I thought I'd mash em all together and add some new stuff for this one. The first mentions Coheed and Cambria's Pearl of the Stars. Which I am now listening to.
The second was an old attempt at writing a "what I've been doing" post. It mentions my ATAR (82.40) and expressed concern for whether I'd get into my first or second uni preference (I got my first), expressed my enduring sadness that CG is gone *cries* noting that I went on holiday to Queensland, watched New Girl, Fight Club (again), finished Daria :( and finished reading The Book Thief - which my dad promptly stole, the wanker. Oh, and it noted that I didn't terribly enjoy New Years Eve at SD's. Which is sad. But I never really enjoy New Years all that much.
The third of my draft posts expresses excitement for Soundwave,extols Macklemore's album The Heist and recommends this song, which coincidentally was on the TV at the party I went to last night. So there's that.
Oh, and it notes that, what with uni and all my friends going in different directions, I can't help but feel that I'm growing up when I don't want to.
My final draft post is two things. The first is a list of things to do when CG comes home, the second is a rhetorical question:
How low does your self-esteem have to be for you to not even realise how assuring someone you're not thinking of them could possibly be a bad thing?


To do (in no particular order):
1. Talk to my mother again
2. Eat a muffin
3. Clean my room
4. Organise my new filing system
5. Do my first batch of uni homework
6. Do some housework
7. Get 10 hours sleep one night
8. Spend less time on the net
9. Read more
10. Watch Community
11. Get some exercise
12. Have more skype calls
13. Organise my work desk.
14. Change my bedsheets
15. Earn some money
16. Get a concession ticket.
17. Argue less
18. Forgive more (including myself)
19. Eat healthier
20. Be happy

Monday, March 4, 2013

Radio silence

I'm leaving for my first day at uni in an hour. I'm not scared, anxious or excited. I'm curious about what it's going to be like though. February was a whole lot of nothing, from memory, although Soundwave was last Friday. I got badly sunburnt, listened to some good bands and generally enjoyed myself. More on that later. I had a good dream last for the first time since god knows when, and I finally have a proper sleep cycle.