Monday, April 26, 2010

Take me, I'm alive

I'm listening to two songs right now. Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless and She's Always A Woman To Me by Billy Joel. The first is on the Kick-Ass soundtrack and the second has some awesome lyrics:
She'll bring out the best and the worst you can be,
Blame it all on yourself cause she's always a woman to me.
And the most she will do is throw shadows at you,
But she's always a woman to me.

I'm also hanging out to get Kick-Ass by Mika vs RedOne. It's kind of the official song of the movie. It's pretty good.
I'm feeling pretty good with myself, I'm easy to please.
Off to see GNW. Laters.

Mu hahaha.

By the way, check out Lying by Amy Meredith, It's awesome.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yes I know chivalry is dead, but I'm a zombie.

Hi again. I have ze new follower! The strange and mysterious P.s. I am Me has decided to join the party. She's a good poet. Right now my cat is resting in my lap while I type, which would be annoying if it wasn't so cute. And now she's gone. My parents are home, she's probably saying hi.
I was immensely bored around 4 o'clock so I caught a tram to Brunswick St (clue!) and walked up and down it. It was really interesting seeing lots of strange people walking around. Well, I say strange, but I just mean some of them had weird clothes. Then I bought Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed and got home around 630.
I saw Doctor Who! More importantly I saw Doctor Who Confidential and I have to say, in a five year old singsong voice: Matt likes Kaaren, Matt likes Kaaren. Hehe. I wish I knew him personally so I could say to a 20 something man: Matt and Karen sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G etc. You get the idea. So cute.
Umm. Thats about it I reckon. Have a good ANZAC day for my Australia fans. (ie. all but one).

Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash (WIsh You Were Here)

Elfie made an interesting new tag and sent it along to moi. I quote "You must write a love letter to yourself and then tag whoever you feel like tagging." Oh dear. I'm a little confused about this but I'll do my best. Hopefully I don't sound like an egotist/narcissist.

Dear Me,
I love your fashion sense somehow, even if no one else does. I like your quirky personality, like any good person does, but sometimes you need to tone it down? Hope you don't mind the constructive criticism. Don't beat yourself up over basketball so much, you aren't bad. Keep your head up and keep trying to help others. Oh, and keep drawing. You're getting better, but you don't put enough effort into it. You could be really good.
Love from Jokerman.

I think that went well. I tag this post to Sabine, Erimentha and anyone else who think it would be fun. I tag my last post to Sabine, Smileyfreak and Elfie.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joke me something awful just like kisses, on the necks of 'just friends"

[There are 19 pictures in this post so watch out for your download limit. You have been warned.]
I have a tag! I completely forgot that Dandalily tagged me for Cassie's therapy video..tag..thing.
So here we go. I love doing this one.

I like boys with interesting hobbies and girls with beautiful smiles.
I like music that reminds me of happier times.
I like sketching in the middle of class - on the table, on my arms, in my books.
I like thinking about what I'm going to do when I leave school.
I like tolerant people.
I like my long-for-a-guy hair.
I like bone white, jet black, blood red and dark green.
I like rearranging words and letters.
I like happy endings in books.
I like those few seconds after I wake up from an awesome dream and I remember it all.
I like my new computer.
I like seeing movies with friends.
I love daydreaming
Today my basketball team won despite my shitty playing.
In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular
I like things that I like but I love everything
There’s more choice in like
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate
I hate my homework.
I hate it when I'm in a crowd of people, and yet I'm still all alone.
I hate it when my stupid download limit means I have to get off the computer.
I hate being powerless.I hate how much my mum and I fight now.I hate that I grew up.
I hate that almost everyone I know now is better than me in everything.
I hate how pathetic I am but in a way, I love how awesome I can be.
I hate most of my body.
I hate that I'm stuck here on a Saturday night, staring at the walls, when I want to be with you.
I hate this, wow. . .

Sorry about the picture overload. I went through a lot of we heart it yesterday, got a lot of stuff.
I read a book yesterday called The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. I realised about a quarter of the way in that it was bound to have a unhappy ending, but I was desperate to finish. Kind of like "please just get it over with" at the same time as "noo i don't want to read it." In the end it wasn't that bad of an ending, though it wasn't exactly the one I wanted.
I saw Kick-Ass on Thursday with two friends of mine. Very. Awesome. Movie.

All I ever wanted, was to see you smiling.

It's going to be a long time before I tell someone I love them again. Because I said it too much and even though I meant it, it lost all meaning.

Forfeit the game before somebody else,
Takes you out of the frame,
Puts your name to shame.
Cover up your face,
You can't run the race.
The pace is too fast,
You just won't last.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Give in to the night.

Do you like the dark? I love it. When its dark there's this little rush I get from this feeling of danger and excitement. I love being out at night. In the moonlight I sometimes I feel I can do anything, be anyone I want to be. At night I can do things I'd never do in the day. At night I make promises I truly believe I'll keep. The cold light of day shows me as I am, but the night brings out what I wish I was.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I never thought, I'd die alone. I laughed the loudest, who'd have known.

Hello my beloved followers. I'm waiting for my dad to get home so I can go to basketball, but in the mean time I thought I'd write a post and listen to Emma Dean. She's really an awesome singer. My favourite song of her's is now 'cocaine', mostly because of particularly fun lines.
So I thought, since the alternative i doing homework, I'd do something a bit out of the ordinary. So, put my iPod on shuffle aaand:

First song: Wake Up by Three Days Grace. This song is on their self-titled album and is one I always listen to when it comes on. It has good lyrics and a great guitar riff. I bought the album in probably Year 7? One of my first ever. Its about a guy who's girlfriend(?) leaves because he's a bad drunk. The chorus says "Wake up! I'm pounding on the door/ I'm not the man I was before" and "I won't, hurt you anymore."

OK so first description has a bit too much detail. By the way, of course you don't have to read this all, just don't tell me. I'll pretend you all loved it.

Second song: Adam's Song by Blink-182. A sad song. You've probably heard it, but if you haven't the singer talks about how thing used to be, how he's alone now and how he's " too depressed, to go on". It ends on a good note though, as he though realises that he's still go so much more time to do things in. This song caused a scandal a few years ago when a kid committed suicide while listening to it. It is a very sad song.

Third song: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park. Hmm, what is this about? The singer talks of how he is always fighting and how he is going nowhere because of it( I think). The chorus speaks of how he is "breaking the habit, tonight"

Fourth song: Best Of Me by Sum 41. A kind of love song, Deryck (lead singer) apologises for the things he's done wrong and how he wishes he could "throw it all away/ to the shadows of regret,/and you could have/ the best of me.

Fifth song: Sister Of Mercy by Leonard Cohen. What can I say about this? Cohen sings of two sisters who save him from himself, and his hope that the listener will meet them so they can help him/her. I must admit, this is one of my least favourite Cohen songs on my iPod.

Sixth song: Run To You by Bryan Adams. I love listening to this song. I makes me feel like a badass. Adams sings to his paramour about how he loves his steady girlfriend but sometimes " when the feeling right,/ I'm going to run all night/ I'm gonna run to you ". Lots of fun (for me anyway).

Seventh song: White America by Eminem. Haha. In this song Eminem raps about how he can identify with America's general population better than other rappers. I just like the way he sounds, rather than the actual words.

Eight song: Lady Madonna by The Beatles. I'm going to take this song off next chance I get. It's good, but not good enough. Lady Madonna takes care of her large cohort of offspring and the singer wonders how she does it.

Ninth song: Get Down, Make Love (Live) by Queen. This song is pretty funny the first time you hear it and the lyrics are actually quite clever, but given the choice, I'd skip it. Basically Freddy tells everyone to have sex. Obviously.

Tenth song: 27 by Fall Out Boy. Standard FOB fare. Doesn't make sense as a whole, but he individual lyrics each mean something. Off their latest album. First lyrics are good ones "If home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked." Awesome backing instrumentals as well.

Penny for a dime

I just read the lyrics for Kate Miller-Heidke's song Caught In The Crowd. I don't remember how it goes, but I remember the chorus. It made me want to cry. I used to be that boy. Sometimes I just want to curl up and cry my eyes out with all the pain and suffering and beauty and goodness in the world. It's late so I'm emotional. Especially after being hit with The Man Who Can't Be Moved followed by You Found Me on my iPod. I'm tired.
This is my secret: I fell in love for a night. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Exotic and wild and she didn't know me so she thought I was cool and I don't know anything about her except her name and mobile number. And I'm not going to call her because I'm sure she's in a relationship and I'm scared and there's no real point because I don't know what she likes or what she's like when it isn't 7 o'clock at night in the holidays. So I'm waiting to forget. Because like I said, it's not love is it? It's desire. And I'm loving an idea, not a person.

Taint me with your colours,
Deep velvet wine.
Paint me as your lover,
Penny for a dime.

Goodnight. Thank you. Please don't hate me. And I'll regret this in the morning, and every day after, but I needed to say it. I was always selfish that way. Goodnight. I love you because you are all what makes this world so unbearably beautiful.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Paint me as your lover

Do you believe in love? Love at first sight? Love through friendship? True love? I realised there's no guarantee I've got it right. Most of my love seems to be obsession, desire and/or infatuation. Is that love? Did I miss something? Perhaps love isn't possible without a second person. I've had them all. Love at first sight, love from the seeds of friendship, true love, fake love. I've just never had it returned.
Picture courtesy of An awesome webcomic for science, philosophy, maths and language nerds. Which reminds me.
I had a good day today. I had a maths test that was pretty shit though. The revision the teacher gave us was almost completely useless. So annoying.
Yesterday, as I got on the second bus I take to get home, an old man fell and hit his head. The driver, myself and a few other passengers got off and helped him. He wasn't moving, but he was breathing well. Blood flowed from the side of his head, but we called 000 and turned him on his side. He was at least 70. I made sure he was breathing properly until the ambulance came. We left him lying beside the bus stop with the paramedics. When I got back on the bus, I realised I had his blood on my fingers. A lady gave me a tissue so I wiped it off as I looked at the people that didn't even move from their seats. Assholes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deep velvet wine

Howdy. So school is back and it isn't as bad as I thought but I still have to do homework so I'm writing a post instead. A Cinderella Story was good, cheered me up. Yesterday I saw Good News Week which I loved (8.30 Monday nights I highly recommend it). I have some new earphones since my old ones are in pieces (literally). I tag my last post to Smileyfreak because I currently know nothing about her and Sir Miffington Quack Quack because I still know nothing about her/him.
Uhh. School's same old same old. Found a good song called Halfway Gone by Lifehouse. Its got a great video and lyrics. Look it up!
If your bored, check out this song that's been stuck in my head for a while - Spit It Out by Slipknot. It'll take less than 3 minutes of your time. I love it. My favourite part is the third verse (1.39)
I'll understand if you can't be bothered looking, but if you do listen to it...try singing along..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taint me with your colours

Howdy pardners! Well, the bold was accidental but hey, it's cool. I've got school tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I've got five assignments that I haven't done but I'm in a good mood. I love you dopamine. And yes I did double-check the spelling and meaning of that word.
i HAVE ZE NEW FOLLOWER! I must admit that when I got and email from smileyfreak I was a bit unnerved. But she(?) seems cool. Give her a warm welcome everybody! hehehe.
So Sabine has tagged me again. Goody goody.
7 things about me:

1. I just saw the last 10 or so minutes of The Big Bang Theory. I love it now. Must see more.

2. I'm watching A Cinderella Story. I don't mind Hilary Duff too much. She's pretty hot. Hehehe. Not like Miley Cyrus. I HATE Miley Cyrus. Sorry to all her fans out there.

3. I have a cat! Her name's Esta she's black and she's half feral. The first time I touched her was about an hour ago but now she's sleeping on my leg. We got her a few days ago and she's already run away twice. :D

4. Hmm. I'm going to read Dorian Grey after someone recommended it and Dear Miffy since Sabine said it was good.

5. I'm kinda beating myself over some stuff. But enjoying it. Suffice to say, I've lost something and now I don't think I'll find it again.

6. I'm REALLY enjoying A Cinderella Story. I'm a sucker for love stories.

7. I bite my fingernails. Sorry. I hate it but it's a nervous habit.

8.(extras!) I love heroic nerd boys in costume in movies.

So yeah. Hmm I think I had stuff to say but I'll remember later. G'night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I worked like a dog for you. I worked like a dog.

In my room, There are two bookshelves about 2 meters tall and 70cm wide. One of them is completely full of fiction, a few kids magazines and a few other odds and ends. The other has basketball trophies (for participation) on the top, momentos on the first shelf and a stereo on the second, the rest is books.
There's another bookshelf behind my door that's about 40cm wide and a 130cm tall. It also is full of book and a few computer games. Under my bed are three boxes, two are full and one is a third full. I lent a large number of my favourite books to Camelgirl a while ago.
I fell in love with reading when I was about 4 or so. I remember my mum or dad reading Harry Potter to me, and then after they left opening the book and reading it myself because I couldn't wait. In primary school I would spent my recess and lunchtime sitting on a bench reading. I didn't have any friends and I didn't care. When the fifth HP came out, I read it during class. The teacher's didn't care too much, I was still one of the better students.
About grade five or six I started caring and didn't read as much. After high school started I began using the computer more and now I spent most evenings reading manga on the computer.*
I've read so much that one day I realised I had started turning my life into a story, just to make it interesting. I'll do something and start narrating in my head, does anyone else do this?
I often get ahead of myself, and daydream of what's going to happen next. I make up a story that revolves around me, and set myself up for disappointment when I don't get my happy ending. I've spent my life reading stories and making up my own, but never making my own. If that makes sense.

*For those who don't know, manga is like a Japanese form of comics, but far more diverse in their subject range. It is becoming very popular in the West. Astro Boy and Dragon Ball were both manga that were turned into an anime (Japanese cartoons).

P.S. And, halfway through writing this post my mum arrived home with two bags of books she bought from the library. Fortunately there was only one I wanted.:)

But don't be shy, or you'll wind up, sitting in the waiting room, with no appointment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M-M-M-M-M-Make your mind up

I forgot to say thaat (spoonroll) I have a new follower! Sir Miffington Quack Quack is the female version of me (or I'm the male version of her) apparently. I have to say I feel honoured, but I must warn you me dear that I'm not always totally chipper. But anyway, yes welcome to our little..storytelling corner? It does seem that most of the time I talk about things I do, because a.) its something to talk about and b.) it means I can use it as a kind of diary.
Hmmm. So I've been listening to my new CD's and my favourite at the moment is definitely Emma Dean's album Real Life Computer Game. All the songs are great, but the best of them all is definitely waiting room (where I get this post's title) and (deep breathe) could this mean if everyone is alone we're together? in the way that we're all together alone?*
She also has two other good songs called Sincerely Fearful and Sharks.

Sometimes it's almost funny how much of an asshole I can be.

You know that song that goes These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do, one of these thes boots are gonna walk right out on you.
I think these are the boots shes talking about?
Cool boots.

*I've spelt the song's names as they are on the back cover, without capital letters.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We fly stranger's flags

I'm back from Canberra, and had a great time. I saw Rapskallion three times, The Ellis Collective two and a half times, Doc Jones twice, Mr Fibby three times, Emma Dean three times and Voss twice. I bought all their CD's except Mr Fibby and The Ellis Collective and had lots of fun.
On Saturday night at 10 30 I saw a band called Handsome Young Strangers, which was a bunch of 30-50 year olds (and a ten year old) singing old Australian songs while we danced. I've never danced so hard. Sunday morning, I got down off the double bed I was sleeping on and my Right leg literally wouldn't support my weight. A lot of fun though.
We(my family) were meant to leave Monday morning, missing out on the last day of the festival, but I decided to stay on my own and get the bus home. I thoroughly enjoyed the last few festivities and made some new friends, but unfortunately I had to leave early for the bus.
The bus was pretty bad. I dozed most of the time and watched Night At The Museum. It was a pretty annoying trip and I was so tired when I got to Southern Cross I was moving at like, 0.5k/h.
I spent lots of time on my own, but I didn't mind it for once. My brother has given me his crappy guitar, so I'm kinda learning. I'm never going to perform or anything, but it's kinda fun to practise.

I thought I did it right,
I thought I'd win for sure.
But I still lost the race,
Had to give up the chase.
I guess I'll just practise some more.
-my little ditty

Poor Old Ned!
You're better off dead!
At least you'll get some peace of mind!
You're out on the track!
You're out on you're back!
Boy, they're gonna HANG YOU DRY!
-Chorus of song played by Handsome Young Strangers, basically screamed by us dancers.

And when they dance,
Their dresses spin round.
Travel so lightly,
They scarce touch the ground.
Smiles on their faces,
Could win any crowd.
It's the lasses who dance,
'Til the morning.
-A beautiful contemporary folk song covered by Jewelled Mat, which I loved.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Her beauty, and the moonlight, overthrew ya.

Lots of things to talk about! Yes it is almost 1 in the morning, what's your point?
First of all, a warm welcome to my two new followers! *loud applause* I'm now in double figures which is... good?Note to self: Use this as a template in my books.Upsettingly true.

I'm in Canberra at the moment, taking in the sights and particularly the sounds of the National Folk Festival. Its great fun. It's fun to walk around and buy things from stalls (I have a new ring) its fun to listen to the large number of marvelous acts performing, its fun to see the local, national and international talent (my Year 9 homeroom maths teacher would laugh if I told him that. Can you guess why?) it fun for the whole family to enjoy. I've kinda just got back from watching the Grand Opening of The Majextic, a new venue to the NFF. It's also lots of fun, as it showcases a lot of fringe stuff, different to the folk typical of the rest of the festival and more to my tastes. For the Grand Opening they had four acts; Emma Dean, whose mini-concert involved a three people dressed in black with white face paint to represent her inagination - reminded me of The Nightmare Before Christmas a bit, A band called The Ellis Collective, whose lead singer looked like a builder or truckie, but could go higher than most people I know, Dr Jones and the Lechery Orchestra, who managed to get around 40 people into the center stage to dance (including to tangoists which danced magnificently to Dr Jones' "Lover's Tango") and last but definitely not least Rapskallion and vaudeville/circus/ wacky dance group who managed to get 60 people up and dancing including myself. Lots of fun, can't wait to see them again, I'm here until Monday.Don't you?
And now goodnight. After all it about to hit 1, you can't expect me to stay up that long can you?