Saturday, November 27, 2010

Old broken hearts.

There is no hidden meaning there, we see what we want, ignoring the truth.

An unfortunately long time since my last post. I suppose I'm keeping them regular, if spaced. Exams are over, holidays now. I'm happy sometimes, content the rest. We won basketball today, I can't remember the last time we did that.

I have lots of We Heart It pictures I collected one dull afternoon.
New music is:
Where The Wild Roses Grow, The Weeping Song, The Ship Song and Tupelo by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. In fact, most of their best of.
We R Who We R by Kesha. Because I'm like that stuff some times.
Raise Your Glass by Pink. Its fun.
This Is The New Shit by Marylin Manson. My kind of music.
Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) by The Wombats. Fun and insightful I think.
Hold The Line by Toto. A song about persevering when you've got a crush I think. Good song regardless.
Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream. Awesome guitar riffs. The lead singer is Eric Clapton. Elvis was King of Rock n Roll, MJ was King of Pop and Ozzy Osbourne was the Prince of Darkness. You know what Eric Clapton was? God. That's it, just 'God'.

The rain pounds on the roof and I am lost in my thoughts once again. I wonder if I have been too sheltered in my life. Too much of the easy life has made my mind and body weak. And how can you truly be able to appreciate the light the sun brings unless you have stood in the rain while dark clouds beat down your soul into the dirt?

Remember that.
Is that what you think?
Sad song, good song.
Very, very jealous. Curse all boy's schools.
Got the different bit down, now for the irreplaceable.
Heehee. *serious face*
..It doesn't necessarily mean that. But it might..
Painfully true. But no one is listening.

A little random but nevermind (nevermore).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four Seasons


Summer was hot, as it should be, wild and free. But though it seemed it would last forever it ended all too soon, leaving nothing but sun-soaked and faded memories.
After the change came Autumn, cooler and calmer than Summer. And while time seemed to slow when it was there, it too ended quickly.
Now it's Winter and it came as a surprise, too early, sweeping away Autumn in a fierce storm. It is cold, and dark, white clouds block the sun and I pray for Spring, sometimes I see glimpses of it through the trees, but there's nowhere for it to take hold and it falls away. Last year's Spring is a word on the wind and old memories are gone with it. The fire by the hearth burns steadily, but I long for Spring to come again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

You're the one thing on my mind, but that could change anytime.

EXAMS. ARE. OVER. (bitches)
My best friend is sitting behind me, Hilltop Hoods are playing, we have hot chocolates and my day has consisted of reading, relaxing and hanging out with friends.
Quickly, in case I want to refer to it later, my maths exams went shit, not sure if I'll pass, History I did well, English I owned the first part and screwed up the second a bit, Photography I did very well, Game Design I did ok and enjoyed it, Science was a bit if a bitch and French was annoying.

New music is:
Morgenstern by Rammstein, a real love song
Addicted by Bliss n Eso, a perfect song for the holidays about loving life.
Some okay Bring Me The Horizon stuff, a bit unintelligible for me.
Double Vision by 3OH!3
Cardiology by Good Charlotte. Their new album and I think it's quite good. I've probably talked before about my thoughts on Good Charlotte - they aren't a bad band, I just outgrew them. In deference to my old love of them I got the album and I am enjoying it. I'm also going to get Disturbed's first album re-issue The Sickness and I'm think about buying Running On Air, Bliss n Eso's new album that spawned Addicted and Down By The River, which I love. I also still need to get A Thousand Suns and a job.

Hmm, what can I talk about? I'm happy. I guess that's enough. There's nothing interesting to say when I'm content. Bit sad really. Saw an old old friend today. Two years and still fine. Love it when it's like that.
Playing Fable 3 right now. It's a pretty good game but I hope my brother likes it. He paid for it after all and if he didn't like it I'd feel bad. Brotherhood is in six days. I can't bloody wait.

I might s well go look up some pictures. What have I already got on my hard drive? Well there's
(Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold of course.)
(My favourite I think)
and this,

I think I might do a picture post in a sec.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture.

Do you ever come across a song, or maybe listen to an old one again and it just fits you so well you want to just fall into it so completely and let it block out everything except that..wonderful maybe, or absorbing sound? But you can't because it can't stop the thoughts in your head and sometimes all you want is for them to just stop, for a half hour maybe, just so you can get some mental rest.
Falling in love is a lot like that sometimes. Just wanting to be consumed by this fixation on the object of your...desire, dreams, whatever you call it. But you can't because your head just gets in the way.
Anyway, tonight that song for me is Bad Day by R.E.M. I just want to see nothing, hear nothing but the music and most of all think nothing. It hasn't been a particularly bad day, I'm just..tired. Tired of exams, of school, of friends and crushes and stories and people.
There's a playlist on my iPod that holds eight songs that make me want to fall apart.

Plans by Birds of Tokyo.

We made plans to,
kiss the sun at night,
Hopeless dreamers,
Hopeless times.

Shedding skin you,
Show your beauty scars.
Don't forget me,
Or who you are.

The Shadowlands by Ryan Adams

God please bring the rain,
Yeah, bring it soon.
Let it flood right through the house and,
Into Judy's room.

Reach out into the darkness,
And find my little girl.

Most people never find the love,
Most people never find the love.
Sometimes you just can't be a man,
Sometimes you just can't be a man.

When your living in the darkness,
Of the Shadowlands.

Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

So maybe tomorrow,
I'll find my way, home.

Don't Take Your Love Away by Jon Crosby

I'm looking for inspiration,
And I think I've found it in your heart.
It's the kind of thing you get when you're not looking,
It's the kind of thing you had from the start.

Please, don't take your love away from me.
Don't take your love away from me.

Please don't take your love from me.

Put me inside flesh that is dying,
A ghost that wanders without rest,
Buried by desires and weakness,
I understand.

The Approaching Curve by Rise Against

As we were,
So perfect, so happy.
I'll remember only our smiles,
'Cause that's all they'd seen.

Roadside by Rise Against

Tell me what,
I'm supposed to do,
With all these left over feelings,
Of you.

'Cause I don't know.

And tell me how,
I'm supposed to feel,
When all these nightmares,
Become real.

And I don't think,
You see,
The places inside me,
that I find you.

And I don't know,
How we,
woke up one day somehow thought we knew,
Exactly what we're supposed to do.

So leave me,
At the roadside.

Pink Bullets by The Shins

Over the ramparts,
you tossed,
the scent of your skin,
and some foreign flowers.

Since then it's been a book,
You read in reverse,
So you understand less as the pages turn.

I don't look back much,
As a rule.

But your memory is here,
And I'd like,
It to stay.

Warm light,
On a winter's day.

The Mess I Made by Parachute

Should have kissed you there,
I should have held your face,
I should have watched those eyes,
Instead of run in place.

But oh,
I'm staring at the mess I made.
I'm staring at the mess I made.
As you turn,
you take your heart,
and walk away.

These are my favourite lyrics from each song. The Approaching Curve in particular has some awesome ones I haven't put down. But each of these lines hit my core in ways I can't explain.

I believe in souls.

There will be more songs in this list one day I'm sure.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm here for your entertainment?

Let's see.. aw shit my last post was over a week ago. Damn. Exams are on and I've been busy, that's my excuse. It seems I only ever post when I'm avoiding something. Whixh is disappointing to say the least.
I only just realised that I don't think I've mentioned that I got my ear pierced. The left one, six weeks ago at the start of the holidays. Right now there's just a gold stud, but I'm looking for one I can change it to now that its healed. Didn't hurt like I thought it would, which is good. Well maybe it hasn't healed yet, but soon!

I decided to post today because I was thinking about what it's like when you see someone on the street and go " x person will look like that when they're older." Because sometimes, when that happens, I get a little kick out of seeing how one of my friends might turn out, because it reminds me of all the wonderful possibilities the future holds. And other times when it happens it doesn't feel so great because it reminds me that some day we all grow old and die. Which might seem a bit grim, but I guess it's true. Though I do think its possible that we, or our sons and daughters, could live forever. Science is wonderful and scary, but there are so many possibilities there as well. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Back to exam revision, night all.