Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture.

Do you ever come across a song, or maybe listen to an old one again and it just fits you so well you want to just fall into it so completely and let it block out everything except that..wonderful maybe, or absorbing sound? But you can't because it can't stop the thoughts in your head and sometimes all you want is for them to just stop, for a half hour maybe, just so you can get some mental rest.
Falling in love is a lot like that sometimes. Just wanting to be consumed by this fixation on the object of your...desire, dreams, whatever you call it. But you can't because your head just gets in the way.
Anyway, tonight that song for me is Bad Day by R.E.M. I just want to see nothing, hear nothing but the music and most of all think nothing. It hasn't been a particularly bad day, I'm just..tired. Tired of exams, of school, of friends and crushes and stories and people.
There's a playlist on my iPod that holds eight songs that make me want to fall apart.

Plans by Birds of Tokyo.

We made plans to,
kiss the sun at night,
Hopeless dreamers,
Hopeless times.

Shedding skin you,
Show your beauty scars.
Don't forget me,
Or who you are.

The Shadowlands by Ryan Adams

God please bring the rain,
Yeah, bring it soon.
Let it flood right through the house and,
Into Judy's room.

Reach out into the darkness,
And find my little girl.

Most people never find the love,
Most people never find the love.
Sometimes you just can't be a man,
Sometimes you just can't be a man.

When your living in the darkness,
Of the Shadowlands.

Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

So maybe tomorrow,
I'll find my way, home.

Don't Take Your Love Away by Jon Crosby

I'm looking for inspiration,
And I think I've found it in your heart.
It's the kind of thing you get when you're not looking,
It's the kind of thing you had from the start.

Please, don't take your love away from me.
Don't take your love away from me.

Please don't take your love from me.

Put me inside flesh that is dying,
A ghost that wanders without rest,
Buried by desires and weakness,
I understand.

The Approaching Curve by Rise Against

As we were,
So perfect, so happy.
I'll remember only our smiles,
'Cause that's all they'd seen.

Roadside by Rise Against

Tell me what,
I'm supposed to do,
With all these left over feelings,
Of you.

'Cause I don't know.

And tell me how,
I'm supposed to feel,
When all these nightmares,
Become real.

And I don't think,
You see,
The places inside me,
that I find you.

And I don't know,
How we,
woke up one day somehow thought we knew,
Exactly what we're supposed to do.

So leave me,
At the roadside.

Pink Bullets by The Shins

Over the ramparts,
you tossed,
the scent of your skin,
and some foreign flowers.

Since then it's been a book,
You read in reverse,
So you understand less as the pages turn.

I don't look back much,
As a rule.

But your memory is here,
And I'd like,
It to stay.

Warm light,
On a winter's day.

The Mess I Made by Parachute

Should have kissed you there,
I should have held your face,
I should have watched those eyes,
Instead of run in place.

But oh,
I'm staring at the mess I made.
I'm staring at the mess I made.
As you turn,
you take your heart,
and walk away.

These are my favourite lyrics from each song. The Approaching Curve in particular has some awesome ones I haven't put down. But each of these lines hit my core in ways I can't explain.

I believe in souls.

There will be more songs in this list one day I'm sure.


Áine said...

I really really love The Shins,their music is special,that's for sure.

s.k.y said...

i love this music. so happy to know that im not the only one that knows this kinda music

Camelgirl said...

just putting it out there but i think i made you download a few of those ;)

mareeya said...

haha was gonna write pretty much what the first comment says,
i hope your stresses leave you eventually.
school, exams, people will surely eventually, but stress is a total whore, you've got a decent playlist to get you through it :)

sabine cara said...

love birds of tokyo!

the other day, kids from xavier came to my school (you go to xavier, right?) and I thought of you.

xx scarzz