Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got a Psych SAC and an IT SAC tomorrow, but hey, like I can prioritise.

I was gonna post something, but then I was like, that's a stupid idea Joker, why would you do that. So here's a song.

Also, I don't usually do things like this, but Natalie Dormer is ridiculously attractive and her eyes are insane. And her hair.What the hell.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

In the dark of night, your face, it haunts me.

I don't really feel like blogging. But I do. I want to go to bed. But I don't. I definitely don't want tomorrow to come. Well, today I guess. I don't want the sun to rise. So here's a list.

Things that depress me*:

  • The past, memories of
  • The future, dreams of
  • the present, thoughts of
  • My made bed.
  • My clean room
  • Early mornings
  • Late nights
  • Late mornings
  • Early nights
  • School
  • Facebook
  • Some of my music
  • Some of what I watch
  • Some of what I read
  • My phone
  • My keys
  • My dad
  • My mum
  • My brother
  • Talking to my friends (sometimes)
  • Pretty girls
  • Plain girls
  • Smart people
  • Dumb people
  • Fat people
  • Anorexic people
  • Tall people
  • Some short people
  • My teeth
  • My nails
  • My weight
  • My height
  • My hair, sometimes
  • Some of my clothes.
Things that don't depress me*:
  • My unmade bed
  • My dirty room
  • Some of my music
  • Some of what I read
  • Some of what I watch
  • My hair, mostly

Can't think of anything else.

*or "make me sad", if you're the kind of person that insists depression is a mental illness and therefore shouldn't be used when itemizing a petty teenager's woes.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.

So. So. Things. Stuff.

Its been too long since I last posted and I've been meaning to for ages. I'm in a good mood, though I shouldn't be, cause I haven't done any Maths homework and I've got a SAC on Tuesday. My internet is cutting in and out right now, so I can't read what my last post said. I think it was a few weeks ago though. I'm trying to be more..umm..damn I can't think of the word, but I'm trying to do more work and focus on my goals properly instead of slacking off like always. Although considering how much homework I did this weekend, it's not going very well.

I saw my school's production of Hello Dolly last week. It was rather good, although they made a few mistakes -.-.

Ok my internet decided to come back up, lessee what my last post said. Hmm. I like it, nicely written.
Great, now my net is down again and I can't listen to Turisas :(. Guess I'll open Winamp.

Where was I? I have a new follower!!! I haven't a new follower since.. well, it's been a long time. Anyway, Emilia has decided its time my follower count reached 30 and jumped on board. Welcome to thee. Sorry about the mess.

Now. the ever-animated Camelgirl has seen fit to tag me with Erimentha's Cassie tag. It's been a long time since my last. Here goes.

Abracadabra, Wow!  
I like boys who have goals and dreams and girls with have long hair
I like it when I find awesome knew songs on my own.
I like getting good marks - even if they are in IT and everyone else got good ones too -.-
I like having teachers who actually know how to teach, as well as knowing their subject.
I like music as a way of communicating emotion.
I like not having to worry about my future or what's going to happen to me.
I like playing games online with friends - for such a long time gamer, its a surprisingly rare thing for me.
I like cool words, like ouroboros and aphorism and pariah and pyrrhic. 
I like my long hair.
I like stories about Badass Normals. And just general badasses.
I like being a part of a comfortable silence.
I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.
Today I did some Psych homework, read manga, watch HIMYM, ate chocolate and scrambled eggs (not together), talked to Camelgirl, fulfilled a promise, slept in, raged at my internet for not working, found epic new music, played League and cleaned my room (a bit).

In some ways, I love everything. Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular I like things that I like but I love everything There’s more choice in like Cos even the worst things have things you love in them I don’t know what you mean about things I hate  

I hate
people who refuse to consider another person's position or opinion because of their own self-centredness/selfishness/self-righteousness/self-certainty/prejudices. There's a word for people like that but I can't think of it. It might be "bigot".
I hate overblown nationalism and xenophobia, in any country.
I hate people who think I'm a loser for liking the music I like.
I hate how much I have hidden from my friends in the past few years.
I hate feeling like shit after being mean to someone I care about.
I hate how little I see my mum since my parents separated.
I hate books and movies that end stupidly but in a way, I guess changing the ending could make them worse than they are sometimes.
I hate that I'll have to cut my hair soon.
I hate my teeth and nails.

I hate this. Wow, sorry....

Well that went interesting. Now I'd love to stay and chat, but I've gotta run. Toodles.