Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'd like to make myself believe, That planet Earth turns slowly.

I'm now obsessed with the Owl City song Fireflies. Which is frustrating, because it's not too commonly on the radio and my laptop won't download it for me. I'm right now in Wonthaggi, about 10 k's from inverloch, where I'm camping. I fill my time by reading The Bourne Trilogy, listening to the radio, bodysurfing, daydreaming and staring at the ceiling (and sometimes listening to music). More music is discovered/remembered. 'Never Gonna Be Alone" by Nickelback, "Watcha Say" by Jason Derulo (sadly catchy) and "Learn To Fly" by Foo Fighters.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays holiday

I'm up in inverloch w/ sun surf and such stuff. I'm on a shared computer, with funny people looking over my shoulder waiting for a computer so only a quick post. :(
Hmm. Merry Christmas, Happy New blah blah. Hope you're enjoying the holidays.
I've fouind two good new songs. You've probably heard them if you listen to the radio - Fireflies by Owl City and Muse's new song Undisclosed Desires. Also I heard one a couple of days ago that was good. Pornstar by Amy Meredith :P. I swear its not..that..bad.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here There Be Demons

It's 1 am but I think the date display thingy isn't working. I'm sitting in my study, on my laptop, hoping my mum doesn't hear/come looking for me. I don't think she will but I'm worried about when I go to bed. Meh.
I only realised a litle while ago, but Christmas is this Friday!! I still have to get one more present, but I don't know where I'm going to find it. Meh again.

While schoolboys fight,
The world turns.
In searing light,
The world burns.

Have you ever watched the politicians arguing about something in Parliament, in between the fancy speeches? They honestly remind me of a pack of ten year olds arguing over who has the biggest toy car. Lots of petty insults and shouting. And these are the people who run our country? No wonder we're going to hell.

Blind faith ain't no good thing.
Really? Shit.
Blind obedience ain't no good thing.
Really? Fuck.
Blind love ain't no goo-
Alright now you're just pissing me off. Go away.

Be wary of Desire
Lest she burn your soul
in fire.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I kept meaning to write a post but I never got around to it. You know, like every other day. So what have I done? well let's see. Today I had a Christmas lunch with my family so that my Nan could get her presents and we could get ours from her.I saw the Christmas special of Spicks and Specks which was very good because I knew the answers for once. I've read a bunch of manga, too boring to list. I saw Mad Max a day or two ago. It was very good and I don't know why my parents said it was scary. Umm... I've played more Dragonica. Oh! I went to Northland and organised to get sports contacts. I could even end up getting proper ones but I don't think I will unless someone thinks its a good idea-I'm used to my glasses. For the last 2 nights and tonight I've stayed up past 1ish reading on my laptop cause I couldn't be bothered going to bed. As a consequence I've gotten up very late the last two mornings.

Sunday 20th of December
Royalty causes riots
There was rioting in the streets today as thousands descended on the Preston/Reservoir area to welcome home the local princess from her diplomatic visit to Vanuatu. Her Highness could be seen waving and smiling from her car before heading inside to no doubt shake off jetlag and organise her home affairs.

:P. Welcome home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey look! Already over halfway!
Yesterday morning at 130 I finished watching Blood: The Last Vampire and went to bed. Yesterday I played video games. Yesterday I didn't do anything important.
Today I woke at 9. Today I played games. Today I listened to Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie.
Tomorrow. Who know?

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at its highest peak
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Oh darling understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends

Meet me on your best behavior
Meet me at your worst
For there will be no stone unturned
Or bubble left to burst

Let me lay beside you, Darling
Let me be your man
And let our bodies intertwine
But always understand

That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything ends
That everything, everything, everything ends

A window
An opened tomb
The sun crawls
Across your bedroom
A halo
A waiting room
Your last breaths
Moving through you

As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything ends
As everything, everything, everything
Everything, everything, everything ends

Meet me on the Equinox
Meet me half way
When the sun is perched at it's highest peek
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
As we walk in the dimming light
Oh darling understand

That everything, everything ends

Such a sad song. I am content. But not forever.

P.S. Yes, I like being cryptic and annoying. Who doesn't?

Monday, December 14, 2009


I didn't post on the weekend. So sue me :P.
I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday we played basketball and lost miserably:(. I'm over it. After basketball I went to my grandma's house and had a nice dinner with delicious chicken. We watched a tape of Les Miserables which I quite liked then went home. I stayed up until about 1.30 playing Dragonica :P.
Yesterday morning I (somewhat understandably) slept in to 12 30. When I got up I had breakfast and went Christmas shopping. I now have two new shirts (because I really need more not), a new pair of earphones because someone didn't give them back and a new CD because one of my greatest skills is buying myself Christmas presents instead of other people.
Afterwards I came home for about an hour and a half before leaving to pick up my mum from the airport. (she's back from Sydney after a wedding). Then it was back home to empty my kitchen cupboards so the builders can come and them off the walls and put in new ones.
After that, the computer and bed at 11.
Today, nothing much, just sitting on the computer and listening ot my new CD! Its called Indestructible by Disturbed. 'Tis tres good. How do you put a line through words in a post?

She used to look good to me but now I find her,
Simply irresistible.

I'm back in the sunshine,
and don't it feel good.

I'm listening to:
Forgot About Dre (Ft. Eminem) by Dr. Dre (Rap)
Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer (Rock/Pop)
We Share The Same Space by Dean Geyer (Light Rock)
I Want You by Savage Garden (Rock/Techno)
Sweet December by Short Stack (Rock)
Everything on Indestructible.

I dreamt you were almost convinced.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I had a pretty good day. Didn't go out but a friend slept over last night so I'm not feeling too bad. Spent most of my time on the computer or Xbox though. :(
Oh well.

We share the same space,
We are the same so I,

Don't understand why,
things are this way.

Or perhaps not.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's raining.I understand now. It doesn't make me any happier, but it doesn't make me any sadder either. Should i be grateful? I don't know.
The 2001 Clear Channel memorandum is a document distributed by Clear Channel Communications to the over 1,200 radio stations they owned, shortly after the September 11 attacks, containing a list of a large number of what the memo termed "lyrically questionable" songs.
The list contains 166 songs, including "all songs" by Rage Against The Machine.
In some cases, only certain versions of songs were included on the list—for example, the cover version of Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm is on the list despite the fact that the original version, sung by Micheal Jackson is not.

songs? Really? That's harsh.
RATM had over 45 songs and every single one was 'lyrically questionable?'

All day, staring at the ceiling making,
friends with the shadows on my wall.

All night, hearing voices telling me,
that I should get some sleep,

because tomorrow might be good,
For something.
Hold on, feeling like I'm heading for a,
breakdown and I don't know why.
Add ImageI want to live, as an honest man,
Get all I deserve and to give all I can,
And to love a young woman,
Who I don't understand.

A kid at school once said he thought I was on drugs.
He was serious.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Alone, What To Do When You Are

Now that school holidays have started, I'm spending a lot of time alone when my parents go to work. I don't mind this - when I'm alone I can do what I like and no one is going to come and complain I'm not doing jobs or homework or helping them with their tax returns* or any other strange thing.
The problem often lies in the fact that when I'm home alone I can rarely find something that takes up all my attention, so I get bored and start thinking about something else or daydreaming.
" Thinking of something else" means either "thinking of something depressing" or"thinking of something fun."** Daydreaming is, 99.9% of the time, what I wish would happen but won't. This brings me to my major point, which is (drum roll) bike-riding is good. Making sense? If I don't go out on any given day in the hols I usually resort to going for a bike ride. When I'm riding it's always thoughts of course but what I do is if I don't want to think, I ride really hard and concentrate on going as fast as I can. When I want to think, I can just ride leisurely along. :P

You're so lovely, are you lonely?

another week and a bit since I last posted. Sorrrrryyyy. Since my last post a few things have happened. The end of school is the big one. Finished on Friday. We only had to turn up by 9, listen to some speeches and leave at 11. I didn't do too bad or good on my report, so that's OK. I saw Paranormal Activity which is quite scary (go see it!). I've started listening to; Tell Me Baby by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Crashed The Wedding by Busted and Where The Streets Have No Name by U2. I also now like Talk Show Host by Radiohead - I don't think I mentioned it before. I've had two songs stuck in my head aswell, Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today by Fall Out Boy and 99 Problems by Jay-Z.
Yes it is almost Christmas I didn't forget. I've done part of my shopping and I know what I'm getting everyone else (though I honestly can't be bothered writing a whole book..meh). I'm going to download Freenet soon and I have downloaded and played a game called Dragonica. Umm.. I saw 2 plays, one was a not-very-good Christmas version of The Wizard Of Oz perform by a bunch of children under 9. The other was a rather good version of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow performed by kids our age. Sadly, the female lead wasn't as pretty as one of the secondary characters, but that was the only downer. :p
More later. Toodles.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wake up in the morning.

Yo. Been a while since my last post and for once I'm not being asked to write one. A couple of items. Number 1 is that I now have a second follower (yay) welcome smorginator! This no doubt heralds the arrival of many more to come (*cough* right *cough*). Now what else. Well in school we're not really doing anything so all I need to do is finish a PowerPoint presentation tonight and learn surds by... whenever. Now I have the vast sum of 2 followers I'm wondering whether to write about what I want to or what I think would be interesting to someone else. For now I'm going with the first and that's probably how it'll stay. I don't think I said it earlier but there is a awesome band called Apocolyptica. It's comprised of three cellists and a drummer. They're awesome. The only song of theirs I actually know however is 'I Don't Care' featuring Adam Gontier- the lead singer of Three Days Grace (another awesome metal band). Umm. My class won a dodge ball tournament today. A couple of us cheated though :(. Right now I'm listening to 'Tik Tok' by someone called Ke$ha. It's another crap pop song that I'll hate soon enough. What is crunk? But it's quite catchy I guess. Also, I realise I was meant to name four bloggers in my last post but until smorginator appeared from the ether I didn't know four bloggers. So let's see.
Camelgirl because she can put up with all my nonsense without losing her smile. And every other reason.
Smorginator because she proved that people would be silly enough to look at my profile long enough to follow it and write a comment.
Also note I'm reading the 'Millennium Trilogy'. It's crime fiction at it's very best. First book is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
also note I've discovered a story called Cat And Joel Set The Story Straight which I'm not going to read but has a fun title. Though not as fun as (deep breath)(read the following as fast as possible out loud) How-Henley-Hopkins-Did-A-Dare,-Robbed-A-Grave,-Made-A-New-Friend-Who-Might-Not-Really-Have-Been-There-At-All-And-While-He-Was-At-It-Committed-A-Terrible-Sin-Which-Everyone-Was-Doing-Even-Though-He-Didn't-Know-It. It seems longer when you have to type it out. :)
Hmm. Well I should probably go do that powerpoint now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picture perfect

I have been tagged by the (beautiful) Camelgirl to do a picture post.
The rules are to:
-Choose one picture that makes you "cringe like hell"
-Two pictures which just amaze you
-and lastly choose one picture that shows your dreams and aspirations
Then link four bloggers- and explain why the inspire you and also back to Sabine Cara(because she invented it).
Hmm, let's go picture hunting
Without an actual picture on file that creeps me out (why would I keep one?) I found this on google images under 'wounds pictures'. Its not so much the blood that creeps me out as the thought that that is actually someones arm.
Parkour/free running fascinates and astounds me. That these people would put life and limb in harm's way just for the thrill of it is something I wish I could do. I know its crazy to do it but it looks so much fun!And now a picture of my dreams.. hmmm. argh i cant find one!
sorry this one was the best I could find. It's funny though so its cool.In other news, We lost basketball today when we definately should have won. I rolled my ankle a quarter of the way through the game which meant we didn't have an adequate rebounder (though its questionable how much difference I could have made).
So I'm sorta having to limp places though its mostly OK now. I also spent ages playing Assassin's Creed 2. And. It. Is. Awesome.
That's mostly all from me. Toodles.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding nothing but questions, and devils.

Whew. Sorry for the epic lack of posts but..I couldn't be bothered. It's 10:30 and I really should be in bed but oh well. What's news? I finished Assassin's Creed on Saturday in preparation for the sequel which I will be getting on Thursday (YAY!). I stayed up til 1130 to do it. Hmm. Exams are finally over so basically for the rest of the year we just get to relax. There's a couple of things we still have to learn for year 10 (like surds in Maths) but apart from that its smooth sailing. I'm quite sure I passed them all but maybe not with flying colours. Today I had to go to school and do a High Resolves program/thing. We did it before and though this time was a little better they were both pretty bad. I contemplating ditching it but decided I had nothing better to do so I might as well stay. I've started reading 'to-LOVE-ru' and intend to start '.hack' after I finish that. (they are both manga btw.) Uhh. the temperature isn't as bad as it used to be and I can't wait for holidays (Beach!) I started listening to a new song today; Last Resort by Papa Roach. Pretty good song. I found my sketchbook while trying to fix my Xbox 360's net connection so now I can finish my sketches. May or may not post scans here. Oh, also, for about a week or two now I've been having renovations on my bathroom and kitchen so now they look totally different and my shower isn't crap. Still no bath though. :(

Lately I've been getting very analytical about what is cool and what's not. Fortunately, today I realised that it doesn't matter. So yeah..happy face.

Hmm. ... I can't think of anything else, so I'll go to bed now. Nighty night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hear the sound of the falling rain, coming down like an Armageddon flame.

Oh look. There's another one. What you don't seem to understand Camelgirl is that I have no-one to tag things to. I know a total of 3 bloggers and one of them's you. Anyway, somehow I'm an awesome blogger and totally deserve and award. Oh well. Thanks anyway hime.

1. thank whoever gave this to you

2. copy award

3. post it in your blog

4. tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. link 7 new bloggers

6. notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. keep being awesome

Here is 7 things you readers probably don't know about me:
1. Hmm. Some of my favourite songs are: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Seventeen Forever, Holiday (by Green Day), Iris (by The Goo Goo Dolls) and Thunder (by Boys Like Girls)
These aren't necessarily the only or best of my favourites, just some of them.

2. I'm a fast reader. I'm not sure but I can read either 300 or 500 words a minute. I think its 300.

3. I have a brother who's 28 and is a French teacher. Who'da thought.

4. I can spin a basketball on my finger for a minute, move my eyebrows at will and go cross-eyed

5. It takes me an hour and twenty minutes to get home, from leaving the school gates to opening my door. If I miss my train it can take up to another hour.

6. I have my brothers old phone, which is better than my old phone except it has a black spot on the screen which can be annoying.

7. My favourite number is 17, my favourite card is the Joker, My favourite colour is blood red or dark green, my favourite everyday food is apples, my favourite day is Saturday or Wednesday and my favourite date is Friday the 13th.
Now I really have to do homework. Bye.

How long before you let me go?

Wow. Its been 11 days since my last post. If anyone noticed. I didn't think so. I have a semi-excuse - I'm currently in the middle of exams and I have to study. I've also been reading a manga called Bloody Monday which is very good. I'm almost finished though so It won't take up too much more of my time. I've so far had my Maths, Geography, English and Music exams. In order; good, bad, half-good half-bad and OK. It's very hot, like everyone's been complaining but I have air conditioning at home so I'm cool right now. I don't really mind the weather. So now I have to do Cassie's therapy video thing? I like Cassie. She's scary.. in a good way. Now how does it go?
The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video.

Abracadabra, Wow!

I like boys who care about others and girls who don't hate me

I like playing basketball

I like dancing when no-one can see you

I like computers

I like people who don't judge.

I like trying to guess what people are thinking.

I love music

Today I didn't get what I wanted.
In some ways, I love everything.

Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular

I like things that I like but I love everything

There’s more choice in like

Cos even the worst things have things you love in them

I don’t know what you mean about things I hate

I hate racists and bigots.

I hate having pimples

I hate violence and war

I hate not knowing

I hate losing friends

I hate change but in a way, I know its good

I hate responsibility

I hate arrogant people

I hate this, wow. . .


There we go. Maybe now she'll stop bothering me (that'll happen:))
I've probable got other things I should say, but it doesn't matter. Now I must go and do science revision. yay.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry is a concept. Not a visible thing

Not one of my better cup weekends. On Friday I had a singing thing for my school. Which was OK. We were on the radio and I got to skip school. finished around 12 then the teacher gave us pizza and I got home around quarter to 3. I went and picked up a friend of mine from the station, then ended up going to her calisthenics concert. which was very fun. I didn't get home til 12 and went to bed around 1230. Yesterday I was meant to do homework that is overdue. Which I didn't. I walked to the library and picked up a book I'd left in her car. I read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents in its entirety at the library which took a few hours. When I got home.. finished my other book and read manga most of the night. At 945 ish I went outside onto my balcony and lay down on the wood looking up at the thunder and lightning. It started raining so I rolled out this cover thing, went and got some towels and spread them out so I had a mini mattress and cover. It was awesome lying there listening to the rain and thunder. Eventually the rain stopped and I listened to Angus & Julia Stone while I watched the moon. Finally I went back inside and went to bed soon after that. This morning I woke up depressed and lay in bed for ages. Today I've spent almost my entire day pretending to do my homework on the computer while reading manga. I'm bored and lonely. I ate a mango and some cheese, but we don't have any apples, which are my favourite. Mangos are pretty rare though,I only get them around this time of year. tomorrow I have a day off. If I do my homework tonight I can go to a birthday party tomorrow. Oh well.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I blame society

Just an update on the homework situation.its now 2.50 and nothing more has been done because I just finished reading all of Cat's blog. DAMMIT. My excuse is "Know Your Enemy". Damn you Cat (joking). Note to self: say lol around Cat as much as possible and look out for groin shots - she's had practise.
My title is just something I say whenever something happens that you can't blame on anyone in particular.Or just at random points in conversation. I'll go to bed at 4. I'm going to try and finish my music before then. OK I'll finish my music and go to bed. I refuse to stay up past 4 because the latest I've ever stayed up is 5 and I enjoyed it too much to have the title of "Latest I have stayed up" reduced to a pathetic homework overload. I am the best procrastinator in the world. I'm actually not kidding. I could make watching paint dry more interesting than doing my homework. Really. You could like, make two marks in the paint and then race them against each other to see which one dries first. Something along those lines. The problem is I never get any real peace anyway because its always there, at the back of my head, preying on my mind. I love sleep because I don't have to think. And sometimes I have wonderful dreams.

Kickstart My Heart

Cat hasn't found me yet. Its only a matter of time now. So its is 1.51 in the morning. Woot. I'm (theoretically) doing homework but I'm not doing a very good job. Today is meant to be the last day we have to hand things in or else we have to stay behind during the holidays. Oh well. My form teacher will be upset. Today we found out what our electives and form are for next year. I'm in 10B and Of all the people I know in the year level only 2 of the ones I care about are in it. Its soo annoying. Well why haven't you done any homework I hear you ask. Well I have done some. but I've been listening to music a lot for the past..5 hours... christ. First it was Micheal Buble who seemed to be enjoying himself in the music video for "Havent Met You Yet". Then it was Hinder. I always thought Hinder was some soft rock band due to their songs "Lips Of An Angel" and "Better Than Me". Turns out they're very hard rock with songs like "Get Stoned" (Lets go home/ and get stoned/ we could end up making love/ instead of misery/ lets go home/ and get stoned/ because the sex is so much bett/ when you're mad at me) a cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" and "Up All Night" (We're gonna be up all night/ gonna take you for a ride/ We're gonna be up all night/get it on til the morning light/We're gonna be up all night/ doing things you're dad won't like) which is appropriately playing repeat on my computer. I also looked at some Korn and MGMT. So, fun.Yeah.. Well I have to do some Innocent Guilty thing for Camelgirl again. Let's see
You can only say Guilty or Innocent. You're not allowed to explain anything unless someone comments and asks you. Copy and paste this into a post, delete the answers here, replace them with your answers and tag some blogger friends to answer this.
Asked someone to marry you? Innocent.
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty.
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent.
Ever told a lie? Guilty.
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty.
Kissed a picture? Innocent.
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.
Held a snake? Guilty.
Been suspended from school? Guilty.
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Guilty.
Been fired from a job? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Guilty.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Innocent.
Kissed someone you shouldn't? Guilty.
Sang in the shower? Guilty.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Shaved your head? Guilty.
Had a boxing membership? Innocent.
Made a boy/girlfriend cry? Innocent.
Been in a band? Innocent.
Shot a gun? Innocent.
Donated Blood? Guilty.
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent.
Eaten cheesecake? Guilty.
Still love someone you shouldn't? Innocent.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Innocent.
Been too honest? Guilty.
Ruined a surprise? Guilty.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk after wards? Guilty.
Erased someone in your friends list? Innocent.
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty.
Joined a pageant? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty.
Had communication with your ex? Innocent.
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

So, there are reasons for some of those but apparently I'm not allowed to say unless you ask. Well back to work it is then. That was a nice waste of 20 minutes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cunning Stunts

As promised, my title is as seen above and I will be doing this 10 truths thing. Aaand GO:

1.) I broke my arm in grade 2 when I tried to swing off a tree branch and came off it wrong. The branch was subsequently cut off so that no-one else got hurt.

2.) EDIT: this answer has been removed by the author... cause it sucked.

3.) I changed schools in grade 1. My first school I don't remember very well my second was crap, my first high school was awesome and my second high school is hard work (I'm in year 9)

4.) My dad is a psychologist, my mums a social worker and I want to be a writer. I've got a bunch of stories in my head but I can't every be bothered writing them down. (I have to write one for a Christmas present though so maybe that'll make me start working harder.)

5.) My keyboard pisses me off a lot. Some of the keys are switched so when I click @ it comes up " when I click ~ I get ¬ and # is actually £. I mean what the fuck?!

6.) I have a habit where I'll go through entire conversations with people in my head. It gets really annoying cause i keep going round in circles with my (imaginary) psychologist.

7.) I made up an imaginary friend called Beth last year. I'm gonna put her in a book. :D

8.) I have weird people in my head. There's shepherd who is a gentleman, but completely cold and logical, and Wolf, who's very emotional and violent. And personality #44 which I copied off Mac Hall who's just violent and sadistic. You know, for fun. (My head is Fucked Up!). They'll be in a book too (well, not personality 44- that's just stealing).

9.) Ummm. I'm running out of ideas. You may have noticed I like heavy metal (YOUR KIDDING!) but I like most kinds of music. The way I see it, if the singer truly means what they're saying, then that's really good and that makes it good music. Which is why I HATE pop music because as far as I can tell they don't mean it, they just want to be famous.

10.) My favourite subject is English (surprise surprise), I always seem to do really well in it without trying which isn't good cause it makes me arrogant about it :(. I also like Software Design, but I never do any work cause I'm too busy playing games on the computers. Maths is fun, mostly because we never get any assignments and I have an AWESOME maths teacher. Science is OK, French is annoying cause I'm accidentally the teachers pet (its a long story) and History is good causewe just have long conversations about the topic and hardly ever do any work. Geography is fun because I like my teacher although the rest of the class hate him because he's scary. whats left.. Music is annoying although theory is usually good. Sport/PE is fun unless we do things that make me feel physically inadequate (all the time).

So that's all and Camelgirl can stop pestering me now. Cat still hasn't found me although its only a matter of time since CG's tagged me AGAIN. Yeesh!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The dead man's hand again

My day was boring. I've sat on the computer most of the day as well as a stint of Assassin's Creed on Xbox 360. I've been reading Flame of Recca when I should have been doing homework. Or reading Liar Game or Prince of Tennis. Because I'm in the middle of them as well and I'll forget the storyline if I don't read them soon. Sorry for the wait but for Muck-Up Day the year 12s; moved Ms Hoy's entire office one floor down so her desk was in the middle of the foyer, placed cups of water all along the teachers special staircase so they had a tiny space to walk up, stuck three massive posters on the wall. One was a picture of some random guy with his arms folded and GRRRRRR repeating behind him, the second was a picture of Kanye West and the words "Yo Year 11s, I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Class '09 was the best year 12 class of all time, Of All Time. and another headshot of some random guy grinning. there some shaving cream and other stuff the lower year levels were being hit with (not me). Umm.. They stuck up signs all along a passage. it was the ones with a black border and then a word and a funny description below it. for example:
And yes, I did have to pick a heavy metal one. This was actually one of the ones they put up (except they had it in B+W)
Also this one is good.
Finally:This place has more although some are a bit controversial

Camelgirl has tagged me for some 10 truths thing which is bad because a.) Now, according to the great laws of blogging I have to think of 10 interesting truths about me which will be i.) annoying ii.) quite bad and iii.) weird. also b.) because she's tagged me, Cat can now find me. Cat is scary. Meep. Anyway, I'm tired and its late so I'm going to bed. Oh right. Also, a dead man's hand is A pair of eights and a pair of aces in poker, generally both of spades or clubs. Motorhead's song Ace Of Spades references it which is why it's my title. The next title will be: Cunning Stunts.

P.S. I'm not actually that massively into heavy metal music its just I've been listening to it and have nothing better to talk about. Or put for my titles. Night.

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Where have you been all my life?" "Hiding"

Up late again so I won't post much (yay procrastination). But it's Friday so I'm allowed. Ill have to post Muck-up day stuff sometime tomorrow, when its highly likely I'll be sitting on the computer reading manga and listening to Motorhead. Yep, manga. I'm sorry. It's something to do I guess. but I read too much of it so I don't get homework done. Ever. I also read webcomics. Yes I understand if you want to leave now. Bye. Have a nice life without my nerdness. If you're still here, I read ; Ctrl-Alt-Del, Questionable Content, Dominic Deegan, Looking For Group, Out At Home, Megatokyo, AppleGeeks and xkcd. I won't list manga because I'd be up all night trying to remember them all. Nighty night.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And don't forget the Joker

Posting late at night because I forgot to do it earlier. Not much to report (I can't be bothered when I'm up this late). Hmm. John Safran on telly was good, Hungry Beast was better. OH! Today was Muck-Up Day so there was heaps of cool stuff happening but I'll tell you when I'm not meant to be in bed. Umm. Tomorrow I get a day off school.. found my USB and got my bag back.. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.. The title is my favourite line from Motorhead signature song 'Ace Of Spades'..I've picked up drawing a bit but I haven't done much..Yeah that's about it.. Night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Every single step, and every single breath

What a massive day. double PE (fun) history (bludge) french (bludge) music (didnt do the work so bludge) then double sport except I accidentally switched bags with a random so i had to go back to school from MSAC (where I have sport) which took 30 mins then talk to the sport teacher blah blah blah. Left his bag there and took the early train, met up with my two best mates from my old school (I changed schools this year) and had fun. At 6ish I left my friends house and waled home but I didnt get home becasuse my mum picked me up and we went to the restuarant and had dinner there and got home around 8 and then went on here and talked and read stuff and yeah..
METAAALLL. I'm in a metal mood. Heavy metal is awesome. Go metal. :D

Alternate titles include: Killing in the name of, He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood, He's gonna be your Frankenstein, If you like to gamble I'll tell you how it's done, And don't forget the Joker, The mob rules, you're all fools, The dead man's hand again, Blood worship, Park avenue leads to Skid Row and many more. Ill use them later (promise).
Also I seem to be using brackets alot today. huh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dancing in the storm

I had a good day today. My school is hung up on singing so we have a special assembly every Tuesday third period. For the year 12's speech night the whole school has to sing song relating to rain. Some of them are OK, like this one called Here We Go, and Africa by Toto but we also have to sing some crappy school related songs like this random Latin thing and one called Forty Years On. I'm feeling better (sorry for my downer posts) even though I have overdue work. I saw a quote painted on a shop window on the way home.
It said: I've decided to stick with love, hatred is too great a burden to bear.
I like those kinda things. Inspirational slogans and the like.
The internet says it was by Martin Luther King Jr. Black people are awesome. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trade baby blue for wide-eyed brown

My dream is.. simple. After high school I'll go to a good university before graduating and getting a job in computing. In my spare time I'd like to write, sci-fi or fantasy. I'd make a little extra money doing that. Eventually I'll marry my girlfriend, a beautiful woman Ill treat like a goddess. I'll have one or two children, bring them up well and die happy.
The reality: After high school I'll go to a good university, maybe drop out, or graduate with low marks. I'll get a crappy job that I hate and live alone in a crap apartment. I'll remain single most of my life and die alone and unhappy. I'll never get around to writing my stories and never get a high paying job.
Bitterness is creeping in. I wonder why. Pressure i guess.


Stuck at home with the flu. Got out of school at least but tomorrow I'll be going back and I'll have to catch up on everything I missed today. Which was: a maths test that i cant revise because I don't have my books, I should pass but my teacher will be upset because he wanted me to get 100%, Music homework which I'll have to do tonight and then catch up at school, we have to record a podcast but I don't have a mike. There's a Geography assignment I would have started today but now I'm behind and I'll have to do some work at home. Which I hate doing. Hmm. I think there might be some history I'm meant to be doing/starting. And I've got a music assignment I was meant to have finished a couple of weeks ago. Exams are coming up and I'm not ready for them.
I drifted in and out of sleep last night, my back starting to hurt and my nose giving me hell, as well as some dwarf in my head looking for gold the sadistic bastard. My lips were so dry this morning. Dad took my temperature and let me have the day off. He called the school but I still have to bring a note tomorrow. he left for work, I went to the toilet and turned on the radio, listened from about 9 to 11. finally got up, had a shower and breakfast then watched TV at 12ish. Stopped because my eyes were killing me then gave up and fell asleep on the couch. Woke up about half an hour ago. Went on the computer and did some stuff. I suppose I better go do some work now before mum comes home and rips my head off for not doing any. Oh well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And No, I Don't Have Ambitions

That was a bitter post. it didn't sound that depressing in my head I assure you. Oh the teen angst. It seems Dr. Feelgood is in order.

Rat-tailed Jimmy is a second hand hood
Deals out in Hollywood..


A bad day. Stuck at home with nothing except lots of homework to do and nothing but a cold to keep me company. Was going to go out but ended up not happening. Oh well. Back to homework.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am: male, young, Australian, intelligent, strange, semi-individualistic and middle-class.
I am interested in: the mind, writing, computers and programming/hacking.
I like: computer and video games, heavy metal, basketball, reading and hanging out with my friends.


1.) The blog title is completely irrelevant. I just like the phrase for some reason. Oh well.
B.) My name. I'm not ripping off Batman but I am ripping off Microsoft. Which is good. Microsoft = bad.
III,) this blog is about me. Mostly for me. If you don't like the things I talk about, go away. It could just end up as a diary. Who knows. Who cares.