Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry is a concept. Not a visible thing

Not one of my better cup weekends. On Friday I had a singing thing for my school. Which was OK. We were on the radio and I got to skip school. finished around 12 then the teacher gave us pizza and I got home around quarter to 3. I went and picked up a friend of mine from the station, then ended up going to her calisthenics concert. which was very fun. I didn't get home til 12 and went to bed around 1230. Yesterday I was meant to do homework that is overdue. Which I didn't. I walked to the library and picked up a book I'd left in her car. I read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents in its entirety at the library which took a few hours. When I got home.. finished my other book and read manga most of the night. At 945 ish I went outside onto my balcony and lay down on the wood looking up at the thunder and lightning. It started raining so I rolled out this cover thing, went and got some towels and spread them out so I had a mini mattress and cover. It was awesome lying there listening to the rain and thunder. Eventually the rain stopped and I listened to Angus & Julia Stone while I watched the moon. Finally I went back inside and went to bed soon after that. This morning I woke up depressed and lay in bed for ages. Today I've spent almost my entire day pretending to do my homework on the computer while reading manga. I'm bored and lonely. I ate a mango and some cheese, but we don't have any apples, which are my favourite. Mangos are pretty rare though,I only get them around this time of year. tomorrow I have a day off. If I do my homework tonight I can go to a birthday party tomorrow. Oh well.

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