Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wake up in the morning.

Yo. Been a while since my last post and for once I'm not being asked to write one. A couple of items. Number 1 is that I now have a second follower (yay) welcome smorginator! This no doubt heralds the arrival of many more to come (*cough* right *cough*). Now what else. Well in school we're not really doing anything so all I need to do is finish a PowerPoint presentation tonight and learn surds by... whenever. Now I have the vast sum of 2 followers I'm wondering whether to write about what I want to or what I think would be interesting to someone else. For now I'm going with the first and that's probably how it'll stay. I don't think I said it earlier but there is a awesome band called Apocolyptica. It's comprised of three cellists and a drummer. They're awesome. The only song of theirs I actually know however is 'I Don't Care' featuring Adam Gontier- the lead singer of Three Days Grace (another awesome metal band). Umm. My class won a dodge ball tournament today. A couple of us cheated though :(. Right now I'm listening to 'Tik Tok' by someone called Ke$ha. It's another crap pop song that I'll hate soon enough. What is crunk? But it's quite catchy I guess. Also, I realise I was meant to name four bloggers in my last post but until smorginator appeared from the ether I didn't know four bloggers. So let's see.
Camelgirl because she can put up with all my nonsense without losing her smile. And every other reason.
Smorginator because she proved that people would be silly enough to look at my profile long enough to follow it and write a comment.
Also note I'm reading the 'Millennium Trilogy'. It's crime fiction at it's very best. First book is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
also note I've discovered a story called Cat And Joel Set The Story Straight which I'm not going to read but has a fun title. Though not as fun as (deep breath)(read the following as fast as possible out loud) How-Henley-Hopkins-Did-A-Dare,-Robbed-A-Grave,-Made-A-New-Friend-Who-Might-Not-Really-Have-Been-There-At-All-And-While-He-Was-At-It-Committed-A-Terrible-Sin-Which-Everyone-Was-Doing-Even-Though-He-Didn't-Know-It. It seems longer when you have to type it out. :)
Hmm. Well I should probably go do that powerpoint now.

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