Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding nothing but questions, and devils.

Whew. Sorry for the epic lack of posts but..I couldn't be bothered. It's 10:30 and I really should be in bed but oh well. What's news? I finished Assassin's Creed on Saturday in preparation for the sequel which I will be getting on Thursday (YAY!). I stayed up til 1130 to do it. Hmm. Exams are finally over so basically for the rest of the year we just get to relax. There's a couple of things we still have to learn for year 10 (like surds in Maths) but apart from that its smooth sailing. I'm quite sure I passed them all but maybe not with flying colours. Today I had to go to school and do a High Resolves program/thing. We did it before and though this time was a little better they were both pretty bad. I contemplating ditching it but decided I had nothing better to do so I might as well stay. I've started reading 'to-LOVE-ru' and intend to start '.hack' after I finish that. (they are both manga btw.) Uhh. the temperature isn't as bad as it used to be and I can't wait for holidays (Beach!) I started listening to a new song today; Last Resort by Papa Roach. Pretty good song. I found my sketchbook while trying to fix my Xbox 360's net connection so now I can finish my sketches. May or may not post scans here. Oh, also, for about a week or two now I've been having renovations on my bathroom and kitchen so now they look totally different and my shower isn't crap. Still no bath though. :(

Lately I've been getting very analytical about what is cool and what's not. Fortunately, today I realised that it doesn't matter. So yeah..happy face.

Hmm. ... I can't think of anything else, so I'll go to bed now. Nighty night.

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