Sunday, January 24, 2010

Come out of your cave walking on your hands.

HI! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long, I keep doing stuff and then thinking "I should write a blog about that." Well I'll try and remember stuff to put down. I actually started a blog a few days ago but stopped before I got much done. So what have I done? On Sunday night I started writing a post but saved it as a draft at 11ish and snuck out of the house to go visiting (don't tell my parents). I ended up staying at a friends house the whole night and going home at 8ish? some time like that. We played Trivial Persuit (I lost) and Truth or Dare(I sorta lost). I loved it. I didn't go to bed until 5 on the morning of the 26th, I was trying to stay up the whole night again but I fell asleep.
Hmm. I receded into a meditative state of deep wordly contemplation between then and Thursday (i.e. did nothing except play computer games) apart from a scrabble picnic (I lost) on..Tuesday? But on Thursday I went for a walk! It's true!
I dropped off my school blazer and tie to be dry cleaned and took some clothes back to a friends place. On the way back I bought a Big M and then I drank it. Wild! took me 45 minutes walk each way cause I went fast. On Friday there was more worldy contemplation until about 11 when I turned on the TV. I watched Micheal Buble (insert fangirl squeal) on the Graham Norton Show (insert obvious silence) and then (yes there were other guests on the show but he's the important one) NBA basketball followed by rage. I watch rage for no other reason than they said Green Day and Slipknot were going to be on it. It started around midnight. I WAITED THREE HOURS for Slipknot and Green Daay who appeared within about half an hour of each other. I got some other good songs aswell though, so its OK. They are (i wrote notes in my phone): The Cave by Mumford & Sons - an awesome song which I'm trying to download (not having any luck), Let You Down by Hungry Kids Of Hungary- an OK song, Flashback by Calvin Harris - a good song, Try It On by ... someone - an OK song with a good video, One Way Road by John Butler Trio - Meh, Disappear by (or off?) the Motion City Soundtrack, Sticks & Stones by Mercury White - see Try It On, Heartkiller by HIM - alright lyrics with a creepy video, Your Decision by Alice in Chains - a good song with a kinky and confusing video, East Jesus Nowhere by Green Day - Iknew it existed but the video makes me want to listen to it more, and of course Snuff by Slipknot - a quite confusing video with good lyrics and Melody. There were also some other good ones, or ones by artists I knew, but I didn't want to write them down for one reason or another.
So then I went to bed, setting my alarm for 10, but I woke up at 845ish anyway and got out of bed. Hurrah for short amounts of sleep! I got up early because I had to get my school clothes before the shop closed at 1. I took my time this time so it took over an hour each way. I didn't mind because I had my Ipod and I bought a slurpee. Best drinks on the planet they are. Then I went home and jumped on the computer until 3, at which point I got off, put in my new sprts contacts (hooray, I can see!) and put the washing on the line before changing and getting ready for basketball. We were killed. We had four players (you're meant to have atleast five but you're allowed to have four if there's no other players), our second best player wasn't there, and we were against one of the top teams. We actually did well. It was over 35 degree heat, I had sweat pouring off me and I ran so hard I nearly vomited 3 minutes from the end. Hardest I ever tried. I'm so proud *tear*. Then I came home, had a shower and got some energy back into my body via pizza (I was so tired that when I got back I was breaking sentences into parts to make it easier to say them). Then it was back to the computer, where I promptly used up the last of our download. Sooo annoying. So now I've been waiting for the video for The Cave to load on Youtube the entire time I've been writing (about an hour) its still only about 2 thirds done. :'(
Now onto other things.
I have a Kreative Blogger award from the lovely Camelgirl to accept!. Thankyou, thankyou *blows kisses to the cheering crowd* I know, I know, I'm awesome. Hehe. Kidding. Lets see. Seven things about me that you didn't know. Easy no?
1.) I started watching Malcolm in the Middle. It's surprisingly good.

b.) The most goals I've ever scored in a basketball match (a proper one) is 3 (that's 6 points) I've scored 2 a few times, including today, but usually I just pass to people. Its a pretty pathetic record for someone my size. :(

Third, I want to get a tattoo in the shape of an X when I'm 18. I wonder if I'll still want to by then?

Quattro, I have too many shirts to wear and not enough pants. Well, not enough pants during the holidays. Just weekends is fine. But I have far too many shirts. And I need new shoes. Sigh.

Cinq, I might be getting a job soon. Though maybe not for very long. $1o an hour to help 2 kids across the road with their homework. Their dad's pretty worried cause the Grade 5er isn't doing it. Hopefully he'll understand it quickly and I can make a bit of money and get a reference in no time.

VI, I believe there is no insanity, just varying levels of sanity. or maybe the other way around *evil laugh*. I do think that though.

Se7en, In my head I have bits and pieces of; a sci-fi story, a thriller, an action story, a fantasy story, a romance and a few young adults ideas. And something that doesn't really have a genre...
Now if only I could actually be bothered to write them down.

Now I have to tag 7 bloggers... I don't know seven bloggers. :D.

Which reminds me, I have a new follower! you know the old saying; Today a follower, Tomorrow, THE WORLD! Muhahahahaha!*cough cough*. Welcome!

Hmm. Is there anything else? oh yes.

Anger is weakness, patience is strength.
Sin is honouring desire over what you know is right.
Every positive action has it reward
- Julian Casablanca in the video for his song 11th Dimension.

We're similiar enough to be close,
but I'm too different for you to love.
-Jake Norm in his song Femme Fatale.

"I promise."
"No. I want you to promise that you'll never let go."
"I promise, that you will never let go."
Lines from the video for Slipknot's song Snuff.

Wow. I just looked at my post. It's massive! oh well, better go now. Nighty Night!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yesterday, I stayed up until four in the morning, and woke up at 1 15. I went to bed around 12, but because I've majorly screwed up my body clock, I felt no weariness or willingness to sleep. After a while, a few minutes perhaps, I turned of the light and closed my eyes. I have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and before I closed my eyes, I rolled on my back on my bed and looked up at them. They were visible, but not easily thanks to my crap vision. I kept my eyes closed for what seemed like half an hour, but was probably closer to five, ten minutes. While my eyes were closed, I extended my left arm into the air and then lowered it back, close to my face. Then I did the same with the right, then the left again, over and over. It was like punching the air, but with an open hand rather than a fist. After the first few couple of times, I noticed three tiny clicking sounds coming from my left elbow when I pulled it back. There were no sounds coming from my right arm. When I 'punched' quickly, the three clicks melded to one. I played with this for a while and then finally opened my eyes. The stars were easily seen now, and where my ceiling was dark in between the lights was now a lit by a dim almost blue glow. The only light in my room was coming from the stars and a thin strip of light from my window, between my venetian blinds. By then it was 1255. It took another 30 minutes or so to go to sleep.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Please, take me away from here.

Blogness. It's almost 1 in the morning and I think I'll go to bed after this post. I'd stay on but my parents don't like me staying up late even though it's holidays and when one of them catches me on the comp there'll be a quiet row. It's so annoying. Oh well. I mean there's no real reason why I can't. School doesn't start for two weeks so I don't need to get back into 'proper sleeping habits'. I'm not keeping anyone awake and I don't have to do anything in the morning that requires me to get up before 11.
I have a bunch of good songs I've found (well, CG made me download) so I'll make a list when I decide what to put on my Ipod.
My New Year Wishlist:
Bioshock 2, $110
A new Ipod, $200 ish
a new laptop, $900 +
A girlfriend, priceless.

:D. half kidding.

Now, onto a (potentially) more interesting subject (for you).

As you may have guessed, my favourite genre of music is heavy metal, but I also like songs from other genres. Basically I listen to music for a few different reasons, which means different genres come into my favourite's lists for different reasons.

Reason one is escape. Metal is good for this because if you listen to metal, the songs often have dark, mysterious or supernatural themes. Metal is a based on subjects that don't fit into my daily life, so I'm not reminded of it. Also, metal is (almost always) loud. Because its loud, and the vocal's often are second to the instruments, you don't have to focus on anything, and the outside world is blocked out at the same time.

Reason two is for fun. Often there are songs that don't really mean anything, you can just sing along and enjoy the ride. Rock is good for this, because the songs are often about rockstars crazy/different lives and also techno/electronica, where the lyrics are often simple/repetitive as the melody is more important. 'Fun' may sound similar to 'escape', but there is a difference, even if only I can see it.
Pop of course goes here, though I will get sick of hearing a specific pop song I originally liked after listening to it nonstop for a week and as a consequence, will never touch it again. Punk rock can also go in here, since I will memorise songs just so I can sing along, and punk (almost) always has clear vocals as well as good lyrics and sound. An exception is Minor Threat's hardcore punk song Straight Edge, the lyrics of which are almost mpossible to understand. It is hardcore punk though, not punk rock. While I mention it, Straight Edge helped spur on a hardcore punk movement which named Straight Edge after the song. The movement basically is about rejecting alchohol, cigarettes, illicit drugs etc, and promoting vegetarianism.

Reason three is for the deep emotions that can be put into songs. This inevitably and typically means soft rock, easy listening, sad/emo songs and love songs. The thing about listening to these kind of songs is that often I only listen to them so I can wallow in self-pity or vain/pathetic hope. Sometimes they can be uplifting though. Meh. These song are often the ones that stay the longest, as I feel the artist really means what they're saying. Often 'fun' songs won't last very long, as they may be catchy but the artist may not always mean what they say (see pop songs :P). The 'escape songs can last quite awhile but, after I know the lyrics perfectly, and I know what comes next, they aren't as good anymore. So emotion songs stay the longest because they don't lose significance and the artist truly means their words (or their good at pretending, I don't mind).

The best thing about music is that often it's ambiguous in it's meaning, so I can create my own. This is true across all genres and it is the reason why I don't like hearing why the artist wrote the song, because it's usually contrary to the meaning I get from it.

So there you go. Its been forty minutes since I started writing. I think I'll get some pictures.

It's been an hour since I've started, I only found one good picture. Oh well, I like it.

Nighty night.

P.S. For some reason my posts are an hour behind. It is actually almost 2 but I says 1. Don't ask me why, it's too late to fix it

Saturday, January 16, 2010

There are usually two kinds of days I can have. Days when the world is grey, when I don't live, I just survive, when no-one cares and nothing matters and nothing can make me happy. And days when everything is shining, when surviving is second and living first, when everyone I know is a good person and I spend the day with a smile on my face and nothing can bring me down.

Today is a bright day.

What a polite, shy girl

My entire being found in a single sentence

The easiest thing in the world

Howdy. I feel justified that I haven't posted very much since the few people I follow haven't either. Just something I noticed. So what's new? Hmm. Well, I went to Inverloch for a 2 week holiday. The first week wasn't too great, but then some friends came up, so that was waaaaay better. I've found another song, "Comeback" by Grinspoon. the lyrics are kinda sad, but its got an upbeat feel, so I like it. Hmm. I saw Sherlock Holmes, which I liked and I'm going to see Avatar next weekend. I bought Bioshock and finished it in three days (nonstop playing). It was very good and the sequel's coming out next month so I can't wait. I still can't get "Pornstar" which is frustrating - its a good song. I started reading new manga blah blah. I've read books, played games and watched TV the rest of the time.

It's the easiest thing in the world to convince yourself that:

The impossible can happen
You're right
She/He loves you
One day you'll have everything you want, you just have to wait

You just have to want it to be true hard enough. And who knows. Maybe. But maybe not. Meh



Smile its a new day.

oh, and I got sports contacts.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, for the laws of light, oh for the moon about midnight.

I'm typing on a family friend's laptop while my dad talks to him. He and his wife own a winery, which is kinda cool. I'm going back to Melbourne for a few hours tomorrow, and then coming back with some friends. Can't wait. But right now I'm quite bored. The battery on my Ipod and my dad's MP3 have both run out and I've read almost all of my books. :(
We're gonna go for a swim later. The beach is my favourite thing about the place I camping. We can walk there it's so close but my dad usually drives cuz his legs not the best. I've got a headache, probably a combo of chewing gum all day, plus using this computer for so long, after so long. My dad's MP3 ran out because I listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan nonstop for ages.

If delusions help you pass each day, should you still avoid them?