Saturday, January 16, 2010

The easiest thing in the world

Howdy. I feel justified that I haven't posted very much since the few people I follow haven't either. Just something I noticed. So what's new? Hmm. Well, I went to Inverloch for a 2 week holiday. The first week wasn't too great, but then some friends came up, so that was waaaaay better. I've found another song, "Comeback" by Grinspoon. the lyrics are kinda sad, but its got an upbeat feel, so I like it. Hmm. I saw Sherlock Holmes, which I liked and I'm going to see Avatar next weekend. I bought Bioshock and finished it in three days (nonstop playing). It was very good and the sequel's coming out next month so I can't wait. I still can't get "Pornstar" which is frustrating - its a good song. I started reading new manga blah blah. I've read books, played games and watched TV the rest of the time.

It's the easiest thing in the world to convince yourself that:

The impossible can happen
You're right
She/He loves you
One day you'll have everything you want, you just have to wait

You just have to want it to be true hard enough. And who knows. Maybe. But maybe not. Meh



Smile its a new day.

oh, and I got sports contacts.

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