Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music stuff


What I think the opening lyrics are:
As we live in these dark days,
Filled with violence, opposition and hate,
There lies a place of saving grace,
Protected in the hearts of the humble,
The faithful, the ones who chose the path of resistance,
To protest, reject and proclaim, that our lives are not in vain,
In flesh, in spirit eternal,
One love.
One truth.
One destiny.
The actual opening lyrics:
As we live in these dark days
filled with violence, opposition and hate.
There lies a place of saving grace
Protected in the hearts of the humble
The faithful, the ones who choose the path of resistance to protest
Protect, save, proclaim our lives lived not in vain.
In flesh, in spirit eternal
One love, One truth, One destiny.

I was close.

Music I've found since my last music post (early March):
I Need A Doctor by Dr Dre featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey. I've kinda gotten tired of this now cause I listened to it so much but it is a really good song. I love the energy and emotion that Eminem injects into this song. Maybe that's just me.
 Coming Home by Diddy/Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey.
Song of Storms Dubstep Remix by Ephixa. Song of Storms being from Zelda (I've never played it). Dubstep isn't bad, so check it out if you're a fan. Maybe you'll hate it.
The Grid and Derezzed off the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Daft Punk did the score, they're good tracks.
Bullet With Butterfly Wings by (The?) Smashing Pumpkins. Go and listen to it right now. Freaking awesome.
Jolene by Dolly Parton. A classic. I don't like it that much but whatevs.
Disturbia by Rihanna. Fun song.
Insomnia by Faithless. "I can't get no sleep". Very good song.
Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique. Disturbing, but powerful rap music.
Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars. Awesome video, awesome song.
Bye Bye Beautiful and Amiranth by Nightwish. Amazing. Heavy metal with a female vocalist. Works really well.
Cradle of Filth's cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden. I love it.
The Sea is Rising and a bunch of other stuff by Bliss n Eso.
Through the Glass by Stone Sour.
Screaming Bloody Murder by Sum 41.
The Time (Dirty Bit) and Just Can't Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas.
Kings of Metal, Die with Honour, Warriors of the World by Manowar. I just love these guys for some reason, they make me feel really positive and optimistic.

That's all for now. I need to get some Hammerfall and Helloween (and more Manowar and Hatebreed), but that'll come later.
My next post is my 150th, so I might do something special. We'll see.

Monday, April 25, 2011

These fingerless gloves hide the backs of my hands, 'til I don't know what I know anymore.

I'm in Canberra and it's late so I can't be bothered going through every uninteresting thing I've done here. I've been through a kaleidoscope (yay spellchecker) of emotions and I don't know where I'm going. I know I'm tired though, but I feel like talking.

I've been thinking a lot, and while I've depressed myself I've also thought up some interesting stuff. For example, I came up with the title of this post and I'm completely immodest when I say that I think it's an awesome line. I've been meaning to write some songs, but I haven't got around to it. I doubt I ever will.

Good news is I've found heaps of awesome metal. Hammerfall, Manowar, Hatebreed, Helloween, all really good. My kinda metal. When I get home I'm gonna have a lot of downloading to do. And some more albums to add to my list.

I beat Portal 2 by the way. Fun game. Beat the co-op with a friend and now I'm looking at finishing some achievements. I've completely ignored my homework while I'm here, so fuck that.

I've been considering every option, and I think that I can't be bothered changing the course I'm on. I have no desire to "take control of my destiny" or whatever. 
 I thought about making a new blog, to talk about interesting stuff where no-one knows me and I can just vent and discuss "touchy" subjects without fear of..what's the word I'm looking for? Retribution I spose, but it doesnt really fit. Anyway, I won't. I can't be bothered starting it and I know I won't keep it updated.

So I can't remember why I originally started this post, I'm quite tired. I'll be back, with more coherent thoughts to express.

Win By Any Means Necessary

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm trying so desperately to hold on to how I felt yesterday. I was in this good place and everything was okay and nothing hurt. And today was a good day but I'm tired and alone and I just don't care for you my thoughts.

I don't want to go back to how I was. I don't want to go to sleep.  

I fucking hate being alone. But some things have to end.
I fucking hate being alone.
This sucks.

Great. Now I'm fucking depressed again. And I was feeling so fucking good. Today I woke up okay, went to a birthday picnic with some guys from school and ate lots of crap food and enjoyed myself mostly. I've had better picnics. Or maybe I'm just telling myself I didn't like it. Then, feeling tired and sick, I went to my Mum's birthday dinner, ate nothing because I felt sick and tired then came home and got more and more pissed off. I don't know. I should probably go to bed. Don't they say never go to bed angry?

I'd like to say nothing can cheer me up right now but I'm not going to cause it sounds emo and depressing. This is so bullshit.

I'll just leave this post all mopey and depressing and you can just ignore it. Please do. I'm not always like this.

 I'm such a freaking dumbass.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What I'm waiting for

  1. Portal 2, out in 5 days
  2. Duke Nukem Forever, out June 10
  3. Batman Arkham City, out October 19th
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, out May 20
  5. Running on Air by Bliss n Eso
  6. The Sickness 10th Anniversary Edition by Disturbed
  7. Slipknot 10th Anniversary Edition by Slipknot
  8. A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park
  9. Screaming Bloody Murder by Sum 41
  10. The chance to read the entire Sandman series
  11. Inheritance, the last book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
  12. A change for the better
  13. Something that makes me whole
  14. Someone new
  15. Something worth living for
  16. Something worth dying for
  17. Something worth waiting for

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been a while

Wow. It's been a long time. A month since I posted last. And it isn't that I haven't had things to say. Things happened and I wasn't sure how to phrase it when I told the story, then I wasn't comfortable saying other things and the time just kept passing. I've decided I'm not going to try to explain it all, that I won't try. I promise I'm fine though, if you're worrying.

In general, the last month has been hectic. School is swallowing me whole, I don't think there's going to be anything left. I have a ton of homework I haven't even tried to start, and I think I'm failing. It's holidays now, so maybe, just maybe I'll be able to do something with myself.

On to some better news. Last night I went to the city and saw Good Charlotte! I dunno if there are many GC fans in among my followers, so maybe many of you don't mind. Anyway, to explain how I feel about Good Charlotte I have to go all the way back to Year 7, when (for those of you who don't live in Australia) I was 12. I just started high school and was pretty much a loner. The second friend I made, Wombat, showed me Good Charlotte one day and I was pretty hooked. I bought The Young and The Hopeless, the first album I ever bought with my own money, and listened to it over and over. Over time I got all their other albums and learned all the words to every song. Good Charlotte were my introduction to music, or at least modern music, considering the stuff my parents play at home. So by Year 9 or 10 I was pretty bored with GC, and when I got my new iPod I didn't put their albums on it, because I knew I wouldn't listen to them.

So, last December or so, I found out they were touring and decided to go for old times sake. And I did. I enjoyed the concert, but it didn't change how I feel about Good Charlotte overly much. My tastes have changed over time, that's all.

Now. I have plenty to say, but I think I'll leave it here for now. I feel like watching TV or something.
I'll write again soon, I promise.