Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picture perfect

I have been tagged by the (beautiful) Camelgirl to do a picture post.
The rules are to:
-Choose one picture that makes you "cringe like hell"
-Two pictures which just amaze you
-and lastly choose one picture that shows your dreams and aspirations
Then link four bloggers- and explain why the inspire you and also back to Sabine Cara(because she invented it).
Hmm, let's go picture hunting
Without an actual picture on file that creeps me out (why would I keep one?) I found this on google images under 'wounds pictures'. Its not so much the blood that creeps me out as the thought that that is actually someones arm.
Parkour/free running fascinates and astounds me. That these people would put life and limb in harm's way just for the thrill of it is something I wish I could do. I know its crazy to do it but it looks so much fun!And now a picture of my dreams.. hmmm. argh i cant find one!
sorry this one was the best I could find. It's funny though so its cool.In other news, We lost basketball today when we definately should have won. I rolled my ankle a quarter of the way through the game which meant we didn't have an adequate rebounder (though its questionable how much difference I could have made).
So I'm sorta having to limp places though its mostly OK now. I also spent ages playing Assassin's Creed 2. And. It. Is. Awesome.
That's mostly all from me. Toodles.

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