Thursday, October 29, 2009

I blame society

Just an update on the homework situation.its now 2.50 and nothing more has been done because I just finished reading all of Cat's blog. DAMMIT. My excuse is "Know Your Enemy". Damn you Cat (joking). Note to self: say lol around Cat as much as possible and look out for groin shots - she's had practise.
My title is just something I say whenever something happens that you can't blame on anyone in particular.Or just at random points in conversation. I'll go to bed at 4. I'm going to try and finish my music before then. OK I'll finish my music and go to bed. I refuse to stay up past 4 because the latest I've ever stayed up is 5 and I enjoyed it too much to have the title of "Latest I have stayed up" reduced to a pathetic homework overload. I am the best procrastinator in the world. I'm actually not kidding. I could make watching paint dry more interesting than doing my homework. Really. You could like, make two marks in the paint and then race them against each other to see which one dries first. Something along those lines. The problem is I never get any real peace anyway because its always there, at the back of my head, preying on my mind. I love sleep because I don't have to think. And sometimes I have wonderful dreams.

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