Monday, October 26, 2009

Cunning Stunts

As promised, my title is as seen above and I will be doing this 10 truths thing. Aaand GO:

1.) I broke my arm in grade 2 when I tried to swing off a tree branch and came off it wrong. The branch was subsequently cut off so that no-one else got hurt.

2.) EDIT: this answer has been removed by the author... cause it sucked.

3.) I changed schools in grade 1. My first school I don't remember very well my second was crap, my first high school was awesome and my second high school is hard work (I'm in year 9)

4.) My dad is a psychologist, my mums a social worker and I want to be a writer. I've got a bunch of stories in my head but I can't every be bothered writing them down. (I have to write one for a Christmas present though so maybe that'll make me start working harder.)

5.) My keyboard pisses me off a lot. Some of the keys are switched so when I click @ it comes up " when I click ~ I get ¬ and # is actually £. I mean what the fuck?!

6.) I have a habit where I'll go through entire conversations with people in my head. It gets really annoying cause i keep going round in circles with my (imaginary) psychologist.

7.) I made up an imaginary friend called Beth last year. I'm gonna put her in a book. :D

8.) I have weird people in my head. There's shepherd who is a gentleman, but completely cold and logical, and Wolf, who's very emotional and violent. And personality #44 which I copied off Mac Hall who's just violent and sadistic. You know, for fun. (My head is Fucked Up!). They'll be in a book too (well, not personality 44- that's just stealing).

9.) Ummm. I'm running out of ideas. You may have noticed I like heavy metal (YOUR KIDDING!) but I like most kinds of music. The way I see it, if the singer truly means what they're saying, then that's really good and that makes it good music. Which is why I HATE pop music because as far as I can tell they don't mean it, they just want to be famous.

10.) My favourite subject is English (surprise surprise), I always seem to do really well in it without trying which isn't good cause it makes me arrogant about it :(. I also like Software Design, but I never do any work cause I'm too busy playing games on the computers. Maths is fun, mostly because we never get any assignments and I have an AWESOME maths teacher. Science is OK, French is annoying cause I'm accidentally the teachers pet (its a long story) and History is good causewe just have long conversations about the topic and hardly ever do any work. Geography is fun because I like my teacher although the rest of the class hate him because he's scary. whats left.. Music is annoying although theory is usually good. Sport/PE is fun unless we do things that make me feel physically inadequate (all the time).

So that's all and Camelgirl can stop pestering me now. Cat still hasn't found me although its only a matter of time since CG's tagged me AGAIN. Yeesh!

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