Monday, October 19, 2009

Trade baby blue for wide-eyed brown

My dream is.. simple. After high school I'll go to a good university before graduating and getting a job in computing. In my spare time I'd like to write, sci-fi or fantasy. I'd make a little extra money doing that. Eventually I'll marry my girlfriend, a beautiful woman Ill treat like a goddess. I'll have one or two children, bring them up well and die happy.
The reality: After high school I'll go to a good university, maybe drop out, or graduate with low marks. I'll get a crappy job that I hate and live alone in a crap apartment. I'll remain single most of my life and die alone and unhappy. I'll never get around to writing my stories and never get a high paying job.
Bitterness is creeping in. I wonder why. Pressure i guess.

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