Saturday, October 24, 2009

The dead man's hand again

My day was boring. I've sat on the computer most of the day as well as a stint of Assassin's Creed on Xbox 360. I've been reading Flame of Recca when I should have been doing homework. Or reading Liar Game or Prince of Tennis. Because I'm in the middle of them as well and I'll forget the storyline if I don't read them soon. Sorry for the wait but for Muck-Up Day the year 12s; moved Ms Hoy's entire office one floor down so her desk was in the middle of the foyer, placed cups of water all along the teachers special staircase so they had a tiny space to walk up, stuck three massive posters on the wall. One was a picture of some random guy with his arms folded and GRRRRRR repeating behind him, the second was a picture of Kanye West and the words "Yo Year 11s, I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Class '09 was the best year 12 class of all time, Of All Time. and another headshot of some random guy grinning. there some shaving cream and other stuff the lower year levels were being hit with (not me). Umm.. They stuck up signs all along a passage. it was the ones with a black border and then a word and a funny description below it. for example:
And yes, I did have to pick a heavy metal one. This was actually one of the ones they put up (except they had it in B+W)
Also this one is good.
Finally:This place has more although some are a bit controversial

Camelgirl has tagged me for some 10 truths thing which is bad because a.) Now, according to the great laws of blogging I have to think of 10 interesting truths about me which will be i.) annoying ii.) quite bad and iii.) weird. also b.) because she's tagged me, Cat can now find me. Cat is scary. Meep. Anyway, I'm tired and its late so I'm going to bed. Oh right. Also, a dead man's hand is A pair of eights and a pair of aces in poker, generally both of spades or clubs. Motorhead's song Ace Of Spades references it which is why it's my title. The next title will be: Cunning Stunts.

P.S. I'm not actually that massively into heavy metal music its just I've been listening to it and have nothing better to talk about. Or put for my titles. Night.

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