Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Every single step, and every single breath

What a massive day. double PE (fun) history (bludge) french (bludge) music (didnt do the work so bludge) then double sport except I accidentally switched bags with a random so i had to go back to school from MSAC (where I have sport) which took 30 mins then talk to the sport teacher blah blah blah. Left his bag there and took the early train, met up with my two best mates from my old school (I changed schools this year) and had fun. At 6ish I left my friends house and waled home but I didnt get home becasuse my mum picked me up and we went to the restuarant and had dinner there and got home around 8 and then went on here and talked and read stuff and yeah..
METAAALLL. I'm in a metal mood. Heavy metal is awesome. Go metal. :D

Alternate titles include: Killing in the name of, He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood, He's gonna be your Frankenstein, If you like to gamble I'll tell you how it's done, And don't forget the Joker, The mob rules, you're all fools, The dead man's hand again, Blood worship, Park avenue leads to Skid Row and many more. Ill use them later (promise).
Also I seem to be using brackets alot today. huh.

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