Monday, December 7, 2009

Alone, What To Do When You Are

Now that school holidays have started, I'm spending a lot of time alone when my parents go to work. I don't mind this - when I'm alone I can do what I like and no one is going to come and complain I'm not doing jobs or homework or helping them with their tax returns* or any other strange thing.
The problem often lies in the fact that when I'm home alone I can rarely find something that takes up all my attention, so I get bored and start thinking about something else or daydreaming.
" Thinking of something else" means either "thinking of something depressing" or"thinking of something fun."** Daydreaming is, 99.9% of the time, what I wish would happen but won't. This brings me to my major point, which is (drum roll) bike-riding is good. Making sense? If I don't go out on any given day in the hols I usually resort to going for a bike ride. When I'm riding it's always thoughts of course but what I do is if I don't want to think, I ride really hard and concentrate on going as fast as I can. When I want to think, I can just ride leisurely along. :P

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