Sunday, December 20, 2009


I kept meaning to write a post but I never got around to it. You know, like every other day. So what have I done? well let's see. Today I had a Christmas lunch with my family so that my Nan could get her presents and we could get ours from her.I saw the Christmas special of Spicks and Specks which was very good because I knew the answers for once. I've read a bunch of manga, too boring to list. I saw Mad Max a day or two ago. It was very good and I don't know why my parents said it was scary. Umm... I've played more Dragonica. Oh! I went to Northland and organised to get sports contacts. I could even end up getting proper ones but I don't think I will unless someone thinks its a good idea-I'm used to my glasses. For the last 2 nights and tonight I've stayed up past 1ish reading on my laptop cause I couldn't be bothered going to bed. As a consequence I've gotten up very late the last two mornings.

Sunday 20th of December
Royalty causes riots
There was rioting in the streets today as thousands descended on the Preston/Reservoir area to welcome home the local princess from her diplomatic visit to Vanuatu. Her Highness could be seen waving and smiling from her car before heading inside to no doubt shake off jetlag and organise her home affairs.

:P. Welcome home.

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Loz said...

Hahaha, thankyou for making me laugh.
And thankyou in general, see you soon.