Saturday, April 17, 2010

Penny for a dime

I just read the lyrics for Kate Miller-Heidke's song Caught In The Crowd. I don't remember how it goes, but I remember the chorus. It made me want to cry. I used to be that boy. Sometimes I just want to curl up and cry my eyes out with all the pain and suffering and beauty and goodness in the world. It's late so I'm emotional. Especially after being hit with The Man Who Can't Be Moved followed by You Found Me on my iPod. I'm tired.
This is my secret: I fell in love for a night. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Exotic and wild and she didn't know me so she thought I was cool and I don't know anything about her except her name and mobile number. And I'm not going to call her because I'm sure she's in a relationship and I'm scared and there's no real point because I don't know what she likes or what she's like when it isn't 7 o'clock at night in the holidays. So I'm waiting to forget. Because like I said, it's not love is it? It's desire. And I'm loving an idea, not a person.

Taint me with your colours,
Deep velvet wine.
Paint me as your lover,
Penny for a dime.

Goodnight. Thank you. Please don't hate me. And I'll regret this in the morning, and every day after, but I needed to say it. I was always selfish that way. Goodnight. I love you because you are all what makes this world so unbearably beautiful.

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Camelgirl said...

You make me want to cry, you're so pretty.
Is it better to regret doing something, or to forever wonder what would have happened if you did it?
It's up to you.