Friday, April 16, 2010

Paint me as your lover

Do you believe in love? Love at first sight? Love through friendship? True love? I realised there's no guarantee I've got it right. Most of my love seems to be obsession, desire and/or infatuation. Is that love? Did I miss something? Perhaps love isn't possible without a second person. I've had them all. Love at first sight, love from the seeds of friendship, true love, fake love. I've just never had it returned.
Picture courtesy of An awesome webcomic for science, philosophy, maths and language nerds. Which reminds me.
I had a good day today. I had a maths test that was pretty shit though. The revision the teacher gave us was almost completely useless. So annoying.
Yesterday, as I got on the second bus I take to get home, an old man fell and hit his head. The driver, myself and a few other passengers got off and helped him. He wasn't moving, but he was breathing well. Blood flowed from the side of his head, but we called 000 and turned him on his side. He was at least 70. I made sure he was breathing properly until the ambulance came. We left him lying beside the bus stop with the paramedics. When I got back on the bus, I realised I had his blood on my fingers. A lady gave me a tissue so I wiped it off as I looked at the people that didn't even move from their seats. Assholes.


Camelgirl said...

I love this post.

Smileyfreak said...

Yes I agree with Camelgirl :)

Great post