Saturday, April 3, 2010

Her beauty, and the moonlight, overthrew ya.

Lots of things to talk about! Yes it is almost 1 in the morning, what's your point?
First of all, a warm welcome to my two new followers! *loud applause* I'm now in double figures which is... good?Note to self: Use this as a template in my books.Upsettingly true.

I'm in Canberra at the moment, taking in the sights and particularly the sounds of the National Folk Festival. Its great fun. It's fun to walk around and buy things from stalls (I have a new ring) its fun to listen to the large number of marvelous acts performing, its fun to see the local, national and international talent (my Year 9 homeroom maths teacher would laugh if I told him that. Can you guess why?) it fun for the whole family to enjoy. I've kinda just got back from watching the Grand Opening of The Majextic, a new venue to the NFF. It's also lots of fun, as it showcases a lot of fringe stuff, different to the folk typical of the rest of the festival and more to my tastes. For the Grand Opening they had four acts; Emma Dean, whose mini-concert involved a three people dressed in black with white face paint to represent her inagination - reminded me of The Nightmare Before Christmas a bit, A band called The Ellis Collective, whose lead singer looked like a builder or truckie, but could go higher than most people I know, Dr Jones and the Lechery Orchestra, who managed to get around 40 people into the center stage to dance (including to tangoists which danced magnificently to Dr Jones' "Lover's Tango") and last but definitely not least Rapskallion and vaudeville/circus/ wacky dance group who managed to get 60 people up and dancing including myself. Lots of fun, can't wait to see them again, I'm here until Monday.Don't you?
And now goodnight. After all it about to hit 1, you can't expect me to stay up that long can you?


catherine. said...

i love hallelujah, the version by jeff buckley is my favooorriteee :)
and also, 500 Days of Summer. Freakin Genius movie.


Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

Happy My Itchy Foot's birthday! May this following fill you with awesomeness!