Saturday, April 17, 2010

I never thought, I'd die alone. I laughed the loudest, who'd have known.

Hello my beloved followers. I'm waiting for my dad to get home so I can go to basketball, but in the mean time I thought I'd write a post and listen to Emma Dean. She's really an awesome singer. My favourite song of her's is now 'cocaine', mostly because of particularly fun lines.
So I thought, since the alternative i doing homework, I'd do something a bit out of the ordinary. So, put my iPod on shuffle aaand:

First song: Wake Up by Three Days Grace. This song is on their self-titled album and is one I always listen to when it comes on. It has good lyrics and a great guitar riff. I bought the album in probably Year 7? One of my first ever. Its about a guy who's girlfriend(?) leaves because he's a bad drunk. The chorus says "Wake up! I'm pounding on the door/ I'm not the man I was before" and "I won't, hurt you anymore."

OK so first description has a bit too much detail. By the way, of course you don't have to read this all, just don't tell me. I'll pretend you all loved it.

Second song: Adam's Song by Blink-182. A sad song. You've probably heard it, but if you haven't the singer talks about how thing used to be, how he's alone now and how he's " too depressed, to go on". It ends on a good note though, as he though realises that he's still go so much more time to do things in. This song caused a scandal a few years ago when a kid committed suicide while listening to it. It is a very sad song.

Third song: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park. Hmm, what is this about? The singer talks of how he is always fighting and how he is going nowhere because of it( I think). The chorus speaks of how he is "breaking the habit, tonight"

Fourth song: Best Of Me by Sum 41. A kind of love song, Deryck (lead singer) apologises for the things he's done wrong and how he wishes he could "throw it all away/ to the shadows of regret,/and you could have/ the best of me.

Fifth song: Sister Of Mercy by Leonard Cohen. What can I say about this? Cohen sings of two sisters who save him from himself, and his hope that the listener will meet them so they can help him/her. I must admit, this is one of my least favourite Cohen songs on my iPod.

Sixth song: Run To You by Bryan Adams. I love listening to this song. I makes me feel like a badass. Adams sings to his paramour about how he loves his steady girlfriend but sometimes " when the feeling right,/ I'm going to run all night/ I'm gonna run to you ". Lots of fun (for me anyway).

Seventh song: White America by Eminem. Haha. In this song Eminem raps about how he can identify with America's general population better than other rappers. I just like the way he sounds, rather than the actual words.

Eight song: Lady Madonna by The Beatles. I'm going to take this song off next chance I get. It's good, but not good enough. Lady Madonna takes care of her large cohort of offspring and the singer wonders how she does it.

Ninth song: Get Down, Make Love (Live) by Queen. This song is pretty funny the first time you hear it and the lyrics are actually quite clever, but given the choice, I'd skip it. Basically Freddy tells everyone to have sex. Obviously.

Tenth song: 27 by Fall Out Boy. Standard FOB fare. Doesn't make sense as a whole, but he individual lyrics each mean something. Off their latest album. First lyrics are good ones "If home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked." Awesome backing instrumentals as well.


Erimentha said...

;) hahah i really enjoyed this post!!!!!! it was so cool to see what music you like and i didn't know you played basketball, hehe.

happy weekend,
eri xxx

Dandalily said...

This was a pretty awesome post and I think 27 is about fob's run so far...kinda. maybe....=/

Anyway :)

Smileyfreak said...

Great post :) very random,I love the playlist FOB are great :)