Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We fly stranger's flags

I'm back from Canberra, and had a great time. I saw Rapskallion three times, The Ellis Collective two and a half times, Doc Jones twice, Mr Fibby three times, Emma Dean three times and Voss twice. I bought all their CD's except Mr Fibby and The Ellis Collective and had lots of fun.
On Saturday night at 10 30 I saw a band called Handsome Young Strangers, which was a bunch of 30-50 year olds (and a ten year old) singing old Australian songs while we danced. I've never danced so hard. Sunday morning, I got down off the double bed I was sleeping on and my Right leg literally wouldn't support my weight. A lot of fun though.
We(my family) were meant to leave Monday morning, missing out on the last day of the festival, but I decided to stay on my own and get the bus home. I thoroughly enjoyed the last few festivities and made some new friends, but unfortunately I had to leave early for the bus.
The bus was pretty bad. I dozed most of the time and watched Night At The Museum. It was a pretty annoying trip and I was so tired when I got to Southern Cross I was moving at like, 0.5k/h.
I spent lots of time on my own, but I didn't mind it for once. My brother has given me his crappy guitar, so I'm kinda learning. I'm never going to perform or anything, but it's kinda fun to practise.

I thought I did it right,
I thought I'd win for sure.
But I still lost the race,
Had to give up the chase.
I guess I'll just practise some more.
-my little ditty

Poor Old Ned!
You're better off dead!
At least you'll get some peace of mind!
You're out on the track!
You're out on you're back!
Boy, they're gonna HANG YOU DRY!
-Chorus of song played by Handsome Young Strangers, basically screamed by us dancers.

And when they dance,
Their dresses spin round.
Travel so lightly,
They scarce touch the ground.
Smiles on their faces,
Could win any crowd.
It's the lasses who dance,
'Til the morning.
-A beautiful contemporary folk song covered by Jewelled Mat, which I loved.

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Camelgirl said...

You sound jolly.
I like it.