Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Westley never dies.

I just finished reading The Princess Bride, a thoroughly enjoyable book for all ages. I loved the movie as a kid and now I want to see it again. I remember in about Grade 5 for a time I walked around saying "Hello. My name is something something, you killed my father, prepare to die" and then "Stop saying that!" over and over. I didn't remember Inigo Montoya's name, shame on me.
Tomorrow I leave for Canberra early in the morning, so I have to pack ASAP.
Camelgirl's given me a new tag that she's made herself. You have to 'introduce/describe yourself' and tag three people. Okay let's see how I go.

Hello my name is Jokerman. I'm not telling you my real name because then it's not very mysterious is it? Not that most of you don't know it anyway but let me have my fun. I can start learning to drive in two months, which makes me sad because it means I'm really not a kid anymore. I go to Melbourne High - you know the nerd school - even though I'm a massive slacker and procrastinator. I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. I wish I played an instrument and I love most kinds of music. I spend most of my pocket money on Slurpees and CD's - when I get pocket money. I play xbox and read manga to pass the time. I play basketball and though I'm the first or second tallest, I'm one of the worst. I love playing anyway. I started this blog because Camelgirl told me to, and now I love it.

Now I have to get packed. I tag this to Smorginator, Sabine aaaand Elfie.


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