Thursday, March 11, 2010

'Friends' loyalty lasts longer than their memories'

I've got this one song line stuck in my head, but the annoying thing is I only have half of it. It goes ' blessed by the something something' it could even be opressed or raised by the something something. It's very annoying because I'm sure I liked the song when I heard it.

Fun Fact: 100% of 17 year olds who marry other 17 year olds get divorced. According to one of my teachers anyway.

A man is walking down the street with a dolphin in his ear.
Another man walks up to him and says"What the hell? Why do you have a dolphin in your ear."
The man replies "Sorry I can't hear you, I have a dolphin in my ear."

I'm fifteen, what do I know about love?

I found two new songs today on my friend's iPod. 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' and 'Some Kind Of Monster'. Both are by Metallica, the first heavy metal band I listened to.

I just found the song! It's called 'I Am The Summertime'. I heard it in American Pie.:) It doesn't have any lines similiar to what I thought, but meh. I don't mind.

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Camelgirl said...

One of those sentences is very true,
I'd say.