Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello darkness my old friend,

I've just spent about 2 hours on weheartit,( listening to Simon & Garfunkel) like i said I would, just going through picture after picture with the 'text' tag. I always look at that one because I find it more interesting to read what people have written, what they've decided to put out onto the website, as a declaration of who they are, or how they feel, or what they think. scanning and reading through the hundreds of quotes, comments and ideals gives me a weird feeling. Because love is a primary theme, I unconsciously match every comment to myself. I'm going to save my favourites, a number of which you may never see simply because.. I said so.:D. Here's some good ones though.Best story ever.

Really sorry. I can't help it.


Do you?
Awesome optical illusion.
Reason #1 I like small children: they understand things. #2: My mind works the same way
#3: I have the same mental age as them sometimes #4: They accept people and ideas so easily.

End of post


a.n.d.y. said...

Oh wow! all thoughts and images are really good!
I like your blog it has interesting stuff! it´s cute :)
where are you from?, I'm from mexico :D
sorry if my English is not so good!

Jokerman said...

hloy shit! I'm from australia. your english is good. how did you find my blog? do u have one?

Camelgirl said...

i dont get the optical illusion one.

a.n.d.y. said...

Yes I have one!!!
and I found it by chance,I was going through different blogs and yours appeared, and I liked a lot!!
Australia Wow! That is far from here!! :D