Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just maybe, we could take the long way home.

On the weekend, I got sick on Saturday night and was worse in the morning. I was almost fine at 430 so I went out and had pizza :D. When I got home I got worse again though and missed school on Monday :(. Yesterday I went to school and did my usual slacking off.
Today I had 'garbo', where basically me and another kid went to school in casual clothes and did emptied bins and helped at the canteen etc. All the Year 10s have to do it. I didn't mind it much especially since we got free food from the canteen after and I finished slightly early.
I found some new songs I need to get and have got. Something With Numbers has a song called Stay With Me Bright Eyes I like, The Sundance Kids have a great song called Drive Away and Miami Horror's song Sometimes is pretty catchy. I love Wish We Were Older by Metro Station and Kid Cudi's Persuit Of Happiness is fun to listen to.
Today a friend showed how much I meant to him. Thank you friend.


Camelgirl said...

How did your friend show you?

Jokerman said...

told me a secret