Sunday, March 28, 2010

Babe, I'll be a, flatliner for a, heartkiller.

The lovely Sabine Cara has tagged me for her very own blogger tag. So here we go.
1 image that makes me cringe.
Very creepy.
Next, 2 images that I could stare at for 5 hours.
Notice a baby theme yet? I found all these on weheartit and saved them to my computer, but I left the images open on a tab. Every so often I'd accidentally click the wrong tab and go "aaaaaawwwwwww" babies are so cute. The second is kinda too cute. I can't stop wanting to look at it.
Finally, 1 image that shows a situation I want to be in before I die.
I kinda had a very specific image I wanted to put, but this is close enough. :D
I tag this to Camelgirl because I love every one of her posts, and catherine because I'm sure her answers would be awesome.


Camelgirl said...

Awww the babies :)
A specific pic?

sabine cara said...

omg the baby picture is so nawwwwwww x)

yay thanks for doing my tag !
xx scarzz