Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hands up if you've heard of the Gorillaz! one, two, three, four, five, five, six.. that can't be right. You're lying. The Gorillaz are a 'virtual band'- a band with fictional members, whose voices and sounds are provided by its creators and various others.
Gorillaz are really interesting. The creator made up a biography for them, and personalities etc.
Its made up of vocalist 2D, band leader ad bass Muroc, guitarist Noodle and drums Russel. They have three albums and a number of singles. They can even 'perform' live through holograms, which I think is really cool, but because its difficult to organise they've only done it a few times.
Anyway, I found out about them through the video for 'Stylo' and then I recognised the song 'Feel Good INC', which I liked immediately.Left to right: Russel, Noodle, 2D, Muroc. Picture curtesy of Wikipedia.
I started writing an acrostic poem, but ended up making a random one. It's called either Sometimes or Beauty. Tell me which it should be.

Sometimes, there are nights,

When I feel scared so,

I leave on the lights.

Look at the stars outside,

At how they boldly shine,

You can see the same, worldwide.

I would like to run away

Want to come with me?

To a place where we can play.

Scream out for some warm shelter,

From the storm that’s all around.

Your words won’t make a sound.

Unbearable is life, but everywhere,

Beauty can be found.

It's rather strange no?

We won basketball today! I'm very pleased. We won 23 to 9, which is brilliant. I played quite well though as always I wish I had more court time.

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