Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bam Balam.

Oh my god I can't beleive it, (I've never been this far away from home) I've got a new follower. Numero 8. Its pretty surprising.
Woah Black Betty!
Bam balam.
Yeah Black Betty!
Bam balam.
Black Betty had a child,
Bam balam,
The damn thing gone wild,
Bam balam,
She always ready
Bam balam,
she's ohh, rock steady,
Bam balam.

I downloaded Black Betty (finally) now that my internet's working again (finally).
Umm. I had Athletics at school today and will have it again on Thursday. I'm not in anything, being slow and unathletic, but its a good excuse to miss most of two days of school.
So I'm all good, now someone else post so I can read something!
I'm going to find pictures on weheartit.