Tuesday, March 1, 2011


If I can't find truth in sparkling eyes
I'll find it in a friend's painful honesty.

If I can't find hope in whispered words
I'll find it in a baby's laughing smile.

If I can't find love in rose red lips
I'll find it in a brotherly hug.

If I can't find my future in a curved hip
I'll find it out as it unfolds.

If i can't find joy in a lover's kiss
I'll find it in the first flower of Spring.

If I can't find fire in wild passion
I'll find it in the stars at night.

If I can't find happiness with a single girl
I'll find it with the whole wide world. 


Amy♥Forder said...

What a lovely poem. I love your blog! Please check out mine, and if you like it follow it :) Thanks x

Lilah said...

i really like this poem
its nice hearing one so optimistic and determined
and well-written

Camelgirl said...

You're so good.
This made me happy :)