Sunday, September 2, 2012

Take me to the April sun in Cuba.

I'm so tired. Not physically (though I am that a bit) but emotionally and mentally. We're doing stress in Psych at school and all I can think about is how after extended exposure to a stressor, the body becomes unable to resist any longer and enters exhaustion. I wish I had someone to talk to about my problems, but let's be honest, I just want someone to solve them. Talking wouldn't help anyway, but neither is reading my old blog posts and wondering if I can cry.  I'm desperate for VCE to be over, and I'm desperate to do well. I don't want to do my IT work, or my Lit, Psych and Maths revision. I don't want to stay awake, but I'm afraid of my nightmares and of waking up again. So I'm just sitting listening to April Sun in Cuba by Dragon, cause there's nothing in it to make me feel anything. Except now I'm trying to tell if one of the lyrics has the word "baby". Maybe it doesn't - nope there it is. Damn it. Now I need a new song.


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Camelgirl said...

Psych used to mess with my brain. I'm here if you ever want to talk to me about your problems. Life will be such a party when vce is over. But if you think about it, its just two morr months of our life and its probably the hardest we will ever have to work. Im done being lame now. Nice post xx