Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is probably a negative post.


I need:

  • To stop thinking
  • To stop analysing my friends
  • An objective point of view
  • To know everything
  • For my damn internet to work for 10 minutes without cutting out
  • This day to be over
  • Exams to be over
  • This year to be over
  • To get away from this place and these people
  • To give up on some things
  • To hit something
  • To sleep
  • To try harder
  • To care about things
  • To not care about things
  • My internet to work for 5 goddamn minutes so I can listen to Mumford & Sons. Thank you.
  • Some genuinely good Australian music
  • A job?
  • Someone beautiful to love me.

I was listening to this before I went to sleep some nights, but now everything's just fucked.

Added to my picture collection for the first time in like half a year.
So here's a pictures dump. It may indicate some of what I'm feeling. But mostly what I need to feel. Should be feeling.

What am I even doing.

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