Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No one else can see you, the same way as myself

I haven't posted in a while, I'm sure you don't mind, ja? I'm just relaxing all the time, now exams are over. Next week we start a new semester, so tomorrow is my last day of Geography and Art. It feels a little strange. You get used to something for so long and then it's gone. I won't miss them or anything, I never cared about Geo and I can still draw and stuff after Art is finished. Next semester is Photography which should be interesting and GAME DESIGN! I'm so screwed for it but man I want to do well. We'll see. Sometimes it seems that all we're doing is waiting to see. See what's tomorrow, what's on the weekend, what's going to happen next. I hate waiting.
So my Philosophy teacher is the coolest guy you know. He dressed up in round glasses and a bowler hat and a mustache for Bloom day. Very interesting guy. My new favourite songs are:
Angel Witch by Angel Witch
Eighteen by Alice Cooper
We Are The Road Crew by Motorhead
Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
Die For Metal by Manowar
Queen Of The Masquerade by Crimson Glory
and basically all of the album Captain Morgan's Revenge by Alestorm
Did you hear about the walruses? A number of oil companies were boasting about how much better they would have handles BHP's oil spill. One of them had an action plan consisting of 40 pages on dealing with the media and 9 on dealing with the spill. Another (or maybe the same one) had plans for dealing with any walruses that might be aound. Walruses haven't lived in the area for THREE MILLION YEARS! Complete bullshit Mr. Oil Company.
In cooler news, the plural of genius is genii. I think.


Doctor Who is a gun

I'm going to watch the Gruen Transfer tonight. It should be fun.
Oh yeah. Did I tell you I got the game Brutal Legend? IT IS AWESOME!!! Basically you drive around a heavy metal filled world and kill baddies to a awesome metal soundtrack. Angel Witch, Road Crew and Queen are all on it, plus 104 more awesome songs.

Did I tell you I have a girlfriend? I have a girlfriend...Hehehe. I'm so screwed. But I'm not exactly going to complain am I?

Stream of consciousness.


Erimentha said...

:) um firstly;
1) good job on exams, and cool new subjects
2) thanks for reminding me bout gruen!!!
3) go go go gf! tell us more!!!!
4) i need to watch dr who i missed it on sun!
5) why is your life so interesing????


Camelgirl said...

Is it digital photography?
If so, I have that this semester too!
How'd you go on your exams?
Nice post.