Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi there. Sorry I haven't been posting but I was trying to think of things to do to commemorate my 100th post. So this is the 99th, and it's going to be pretty big.
First up, things that've been happening. Let's see, my last post was a week and a half ago so major things that have happened are: I had a day off last Friday and I was going to have a party but I had to cancel. Oh well. One friend did sleep over though and we just messed around on the computer mostly. On Saturday I went to the city with my friend and saw him off. I walked around the city for a bit longer then went home. We won basketball easily though I don't think I played very well. Saturday night I went and saw Jersey Boys! It was actually really good, way better than I expected. Sunday I rested from my big Saturday
Monday was the start of the new semester, so I will never again do Geography. my new subjects are history, game design and photography. Photography looks like it'll be fun, history could be good and game design will hopefully rock.
Nothing interesting happened until Thursday when I did a competition call Write-A-Book-In-A-Day. About ten guys including me basically hung out in the library all day in casual clothes eating crap food. We were given some characters and a setting and had to make a story. Then each of us wrote a chapter. I didn't get home til about six, but I had fun so I didn't mind.
Friday was last day of term. We finished at 1, got our reports and went to the city. I hung out with a few friends and got home at around when I would have on a normal day.
Yesterday I had basketball again, we lost horribly :( I finally organised my iTunes for my new iPod. I now have 1048 songs on it as well as 18 music videos. And a hell of a lot of videos.
I didn't go to bed until 4, stayed up talking to my girlfriend (:D) and downloading stuff.
This morning I got up at 1130ish and watched Gladiator. I have no idea why we own that movie. But it was good.

Now then, for my hundredth post, I thought I would do three things. Write a story I recently thought up called The Sea, do the tag Erimentha gave me and talk about my 5 favourite things and 'get my shit together', though probably not on the scale Eri did. But I'll clean up my room, alphabetize my books, organise stuff, be a busy little bee etc.

Finally, (for now) on the music front I have lots of new stuff.
Hello Fascination by Breathe Carolina.
Sons of Plunder by Disturbed which I started listening to recently.
Another Way To Die by Disturbed, off their new album.
Wolves Of The Sea by Alestorm.
Freak On A Leash by KoRn and it's freakish video.
Talk Like That by The Presets. The girl in the video is hot in a 'kill you in your sleep' kinda way.
The Death Of Love by Cradle Of Filth (freakin' awesome).
Blood Sugar by Pendulum. It's techno, but in a good way.
Keasby Nights by Streetlight Manifesto. I love the chorus.
If It's Love by Train. You've probably heard it, its been on the radio recently.
I'm Not Jesus and Helden by Apocalyptica. The first features the lead singer of Slipknot and it souds amazing. The second has the lead singer from Rammstein and it's a cover of David Bowie's song Heroes. In German. Because that's awesome.
If You Only Knew by Shinedown. Not a recent song, but a good one.
Drops Of Jupiter by Train. One of those songs you've heard, but never heard of.
Sayin' Goodbye To Hollywood by Eminem. Fun.
Fack by Eminem. Do NOT listen to it. Especially with your parents around. Or anyone else.
I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance.
Miss You by The Rolling Stones.
Rawkfist by Thousand Foot Krutch.
And a new artist for you, Halestorm. Sounds like Paramore, but heavier and wilder. I'll get their album next time I go out. Good songs by them are I Get Off and It's Not You.
I gotta go to the shops. More soon!

Oh yeah, almost forgot,
It's the holidays!


Smileyfreak said...

AW! :) YOU STAYED UP UNTIL 4AM JUST TO TALK TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND? that is so sweet and super cute! :) LOL *sorry I do know that it's really none of my business*

Congrats on reaching the 100 posts mark

Dandalily said...

Congrats on the 100 posts :D
I have an award for you on my blog.

sabine cara said...

wow, you've been busy!

sounds like fun!

looovee breathe carolina, especially dressing room.

xx scarzz

ps. grats on 100!