Saturday, January 8, 2011

And we were lovers, now we can't be friends, fascination ends.

Helllooooo! I'm back biatch!! In a ridiculously good mood, you'll see why. I've just been camping (again) for a few days. Oh shit dad's angry at something one sec. Back. S'all good. So where was I. Right. We were camping for...three days I think? Anyway, in that time I managed to completely fuck up the dregs of my relationship with E. Suffice to say, we won't be friends much longer. Texting is evil and I am stupid. Soooo there'll probably be not a few depressed/pissed/manic posts before I find someone new to obsess over. I was down and listless (great word 'listless') from.. say about Wednesday to midday yesterday, then suicidal between then and about 2ish today. Then, however we started driving home and I went with my brother (he's 30 and obviously can drive). We had a heap of fun, sitting listening to music with the windows down, singing along to some of it. We both like Rihanna, so that was fun when she came on the radio. It's hard to be depressed with such a perfect drive. I can feel myself getting lower now though :(.

When we got home I helped empty out the cars and then went on teh internets. Thank you, Hime, for cheering me up. How you did it is my little secret so shhhhh.

So now..what? I'll be sitting around catching up on manga and things I've been missing, then I'll go watch How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris is a god.

Some new music for my fine followers,

Guns in the Sky by INXS
Got Some by Pearl Jam
Every Me, Every You by Placebo though I'm gonna check out some of their other stuff.
Not In Love by Crystal Castles. Probably not good for me to listen to right now?:/ but a good song.
Sleepwalker by Parkway Drive. I've never got into much of their kind of music, but I wish i could.

So, no doubt I'll be posting soon, 'til then - Au revoir.

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Camelgirl said...

Nice post, oh Rihanna, of all the crappy music, you had to chose her! :P
Though Only Girl is pretty fab!
How'd you 'stuff' everything up? :(
Hope you feel okay soon.