Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have no use for beauty, and beauty has no use for me.

Wow. Two weeks since I last posted. It feels so much less than that. It annoys me in a weird way. So much interesting stuff has happened, but I none of it interesting enough for me to work up the energy to do an in-depth talk through it. I bought Immersion. It was good.

As I get older, it feels as though more and more things are less and less sacred. It makes me sad. I'm fine though. Just a bit tired.

Sin It's Easier.

When I talk to people, sometimes little bits of the real me slip out. It says "Help! I'm still here! I'm still alive!". But my slips are joked away, forgotten beneath a torrent of words. Has lying always been this easy? I don't remember when it wasn't, but I feel like I lie more now.

Wombat asked me, half-jokingly, half-sadly, What happened to the kid who was always on MSN and Facebook? "He died" I replied, without thinking. Then I thought about it. Maybe he is dead. He's certainly not around anymore. Now I've made myself sad. Oh well. Goodnight. Again.


Erimentha said...

god jokerman, i'd like to meet you in real life. you seem so interesting, intriguing, intelligent and reflective.

i like those little slips of tongue, they show the person behind the mask.

P.s. I am Me. said...

I think I'd only get a small tattoo as well, and I like the idea of a song lyric a lot. Do you have any ideas you'd consider for one? :)