Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Gonna be awesome.


I want to be in love again. I want to believe that an ordinary girl could make the world shine like the sun and make me happy by just existing. Instead of this grey world I trudge through everyday indifferent and lonely. Shit.

I'm over you.
And thank you for all of the pain
'Cause it made it be so much more fun!

There's nothing to say now,
The feelings are already dead.
And I don't believe there's a way now,
All that is said has been said.

I'm waiting for another day,
Another way
I don't believe that you 
Can make all the pain go away!

I bought Sum 41's latest album Screaming Bloody Murder. Did I mention that? I also bought Slipknot's All Hope is Gone and Skrillex's Bangarang. An eclectic collection no doubt.

Going to see The Hunger Games next week. Should be fun.
Got homework to do, school sucks etc etc.
Have a nice day.

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