Friday, June 8, 2012

I don't keep many promises.

Argh I don't know what to say! Or where to start. I had a good day I've decided. Everyone's freaking out about exams it seems, and I am too, but at least my IT teacher's given me an extension for my IT SAC. I couldn't focus on either because I was worried about the other (or at least that's my excuse). Not to mention the English and Lit practise SACs I should have done and the Maths I'm horribly behind in. But keeping positive...
Its been a pretty messy week. My room needs a clean, but at least I'm not going to die...I think.
So what's new. My hair's still long, my clothes are still cheap and my motivation is still (pretty) abysmal. But keeping positive...
I was really tired today for some reason, so hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.
Umm. I had a day off school, but went anyway to talk to my IT teacher and try and get some work done. But he wasn't there so I had to email him - which is appropriate I guess, but I didn't want to for some reason :S
I really wanna watch Tangled again. Oh, I saw Tangled. And Mulan. And Mulan 2, Aladdin and Aladdin 2 (not all in one day silly). I went on a kind of Disney binge :D. And a Disney music binge. The number of times I've heard "Prince Ali" today..

Robin Williams is a brilliant actor. Just incredible.
What else. I played games (being me) and had noodles for dinner, which I haven't had in aaaages.

Tangled is awesome.
Man I'm tired. This hasn't been a very interesting post. I noticed that I forgot to add tags to my last few posts, so I might do that before bed. Then tomorrow, basketball (maybe) and revision! Fun!
So yeah.

Oh. And my 18th birthday is in a few days. I.. well, I don't really care. I'm not having a party, because I'm not a party person, but I'll get together a few guys for a birthday chill-out after exams. That's good enough for me I think.
So that's it from me until my Psych exam is over.
Oh, and this tune is just... awesome. I love it. You have to listen to the bit after 1:40 though -.-.

Oh and guys, I've decided. I want a castle!

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