Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I've been listening to.

Now that I've been released from the pressure of doing a good 200th post, I can get back to the business of my normal posting. I'm not going to write about what I did between my 198th and 200th posts, since I a.) can't be bothered and b.) can't remember. Which is a pity, but life goes on. Instead, here's a bunch of songs I've been listening to.

Thought this one would depress me, but it made me laugh instead. The chorus isn't amazing, but whatever.

This one did depress me once I listened to the lyrics properly.

Been meaning to listen to this again for ages, finally did. It's nice enough

... Catchy I guess. Video's not very good.

Chorus is the only good part of this to be honest

Watch this. Right now.

Ah, 90s rap.

It's a great song guys. Honest!

Old Blink-182, in preparation for Soundwave.

She's got a good voice. This video tripped me out first time I saw it though. On Rage. At like 11, when I'm half-asleep on the couch.

Meh. Fun.

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