Thursday, October 14, 2010

And I'm hoping that you'll say, that you loved me all this time.

I am desperately overdue for a post and I've just realised my latest one is that freaky one from two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO. And it's been even longer since I've talked about music. I've been meaning to post for aaaages (Two weeks roughly :P) but I only seem to do it when I'm avoiding homework. Which sucks. But let's be honest, I'm avoiding work now.

So what's been up in two weeks? You may be excused for thinking that I have fallen further and further in to a mad merry-go-round of depression (spiral) but not so! I have been busy, as exams are coming up soon and I really want to do well, as my midyear exams were horrible (I think.... don't really remember to be honest). Plus, I have VCE next year, which probably means I'll be blogging less as I focus on my VCE subjects. I do hope VCE will be fun.
What else? I downloaded the music video for Hold On by Angus & Julia Stone off iTunes a few hours ago (it's free, go get it!) and it's pretty amazing. I'm the video itself is very deep and metaphorical, but the song is amazing on its own. Other music from the past...18 days include:
Warrior's Dawn by Slough Fey. A true metal song about returning from war. Has an epic chorus.
Planets by Short Stack. Cute love song and I love those guys.
Lilith Immaculate by Cradle of Filth. An amazing CoF from their upcoming album. Sounds amazing.
Temptation by Cradle of Filth. Pretty good.
Boys In Town by The Divinyls. Okay.
Pleasure and Pain by The Divinyls. Anyone remember this song? Its been in the back of my head for as long as I can remember and I finally found out who it was by. "It's a fine line, between pleasure and pain!"

Something I've also been meaning to talk about is Linkin Park's new album A Thousand Suns. I was very cynical about how good this album was going to be, as in my opinion LP have declined steadily from their debut. Not declined per se, just that I liked their early music far more than say, What I've Done. However, this album is one of the most inspiring albums I've ever heard. As a side note, in my opinion the reason Linkin Park are so successful is that they rarely sing about love. Bands that have little by way of love songs in their repertoire are few and far between these days, so LP are a bit of fresh air I guess. Wish I had tickets to their concert. Feel free to disagree with me of course, just airing my views on my blog :P.

On the subject of blogger-blog reader communication, thank you for all your comments. Every time I see a new comment in my inbox (I get a notification by email for each comment) it makes me feel all gooey inside :P. I love getting comments. Not that I'm pressuring you or anything :D.

Hmm. Ill just go through my pictures for a second..that's interesting. I thought I had more new pics than that. Oh well....Okay, for some reason I can't access the new ones from My Computer part of the computer, but I can get to them through Blogger. Anyway, it just means there's more than I thought.

Here's hoping.
Hehehehe. Chibis.

Well? I kinda like Lady Gaga. I guess she's just not as bad as some other female singers I could mention
And then you did. Meh. Now I have to rush off to bed 'cause it's past my bedtime. Again.


Smileyfreak said...

I always like the pictures you add to your posts :) G'luck with the exams :D

mareeya said...

haha, two weeks. shameful, but good make-up post!
Good luck with your studies, & life, & see you at a Pizza Friday sometime.


sabine cara said...

good luck for your exams :)
I hate when i'm overdue for a post, worst feeling ever.
xx scarzz