Friday, October 1, 2010

It's not what you think.

It's almost 830 and I'm going to bed, because the thoughts in my head are killing me. I've got a post half finished in draft, but I cn't do it right now. Why did I bother to write this? You don't need to know this. Why bother. ARGH! I'm dead dead dead dying. I can't breathe. Here's a picture. Fight the need. I don't no why i seadi that. I got my ear eirced on the sunday before last. it didnt hurt, and now i have to spray it everyday. tattoos cost around 150 and hour. I'm dying dying dying dead. theres this par in bring me to life by evanescence were she screames I want to die in the background. its awesome. UMMMMMM. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I hate the end of the holidays. If you're not completely fine I willl fall apart. saty safe eerybody where is my mind im falling apart this is just a strama of conscous thought that is tearing me a part why do i feel this much i want to die pleaselet me i die i want to live LET ME LOVE i love youu i hate you ynneed to get a grip why whywn hyw hwyhwhya;,bna[orsjgbzbx


mollie.mae said...

The inside of your head is a crazy place, quite interesting though :)

sabine cara said...

haha so wild!
love the 2nd and fourth picture, they mean heaps to me.
xx scarzz

Smileyfreak said...

I wish my alot of my friends lived closer,not being able to see all those people I love (if only platonically) sucks :/

I talk with them alot on Facebook,text message,phone calls. I try and visit them as often as I can,although that isn't as often as I would like.

When I miss them it feels like my heart's gonna burst. The tears come,or maybe they don't and then I go on with my day. Feel the fear,embrace the lonliness but don't let it consume you :)

Dandalily said...

Your head sounds like my head apart from all the voices of people ive ever written about. I loved the last photo and the second.

Athena. said...

Oh, dearest!
Please be okay; don't let these thoughts overwhelm you! I think most minds are just as wild; sometimes I feel positively dizzy from words and words and words.
Thankyou so, so much for your sweet comment, by the way!
Love, Athena. xxx

Aoife. said...

pffft, no. I don't have a voice in my head.
No, that's too weird.
No way, nuh-uh.

*I have several*

Opomon said...

I love your posts! Everyone is overwhelmed sometimes and you have real guts to write about it on the internet. But everything always turns out ok. Thank you.