Saturday, February 27, 2010

First, we take Manhattan / Then, we take Berlin

Finally. I've been wanting to post for ages. The reason I couldn't is because my download limit was almost gone, and if we go over it gets sooo slooow. So I was waiting for the weekend when I could use the computer in the morning when the download doesn't count. Unfortunately, last night my dad used up the last of the download so now my computer is slooooooooooow. Very frustrating.
But anyway. First off, WELCOME MY TWO NEW FOLLOWERS! I have seven now. SEVEN. well, two are the same person but..SEVEN. I'm quite pleased as you can see.
We won basketball today. FINALLY. We've lost around 5 times in a row now. Last week was particularly frustrating. I didn't really enjoy it today though. I played really badly.
I started listening to Leonard Cohen (awesome 70+ Canadian singer) a few days ago. My parents have two albums of his, one is a bunch of covers and the other is his greatest hits sort of. My favourites right now are 'First We Take Manhattan' and 'Take This Waltz'. I also got recommended this awesome song called 'Who Says' by John Mayer (thanks Camelgirl).
I got Linkin Park's first album Hybrid Theory yesterday and I'm probably going to get Muse's new album tomorrow or next weekend. I want to get 'Oh My God' by Lily Allen and the Tik Tok Parody by The Midnight Beast. They're goood.
Yesterday I participated in the Red Cross Calling Appeal. Basically, every year on February 26 the whole of Year 10 has to stand on a street corner for two hours asking for donations.
The first hour and a half weren't that bad, but the last 30 minutes was excruciating. Afterwards I went with a friend to JB Hi Fi (where I got Hybrid Theory) then took the train home, had a surprise meeting with some kids from my old school, and went to the library with them. It was fun :).
I have a new computer! Because the old one died, my parents bought a new one two days ago. It's good, but kind of annoying to get used to. I'm also getting a new laptop, because my the one I've got now is around ten years old and is frankly a piece of shit (excuse my French).
I think I have some other stuff to say, but I forget. I'll post when I remember.
There's a friend of mine at school who keeps walking into class or comes back into a conversation with " It's OK everyone. I'm here.".. so yeah, bit of trivia for you.
Thanks to my two new followers.
More soon!


catherine. said...

Big Question,
PC or MAC.

ill tell you mine if you tell me yours ;)
:P teehee.

sabine cara said...

ah I missed your posts!

I feel like such a loser whenever I write massive long comments, coz you probably think I'm some weird as stalker girl.

Not a good look, eh?

ANYWAY: grats on the followers!
oh my god, my rents looooooove leonard cohen. srsly love. Take this waltz is really good, and theres this song to which I can't remember the tune but I also love.

OH MY GOD IS SO AMAZING. and tik tok parody? pure pure golden. G-O-L-D-E-N. i love british accents so so much.

I got a new computer too!
anyway yeah, I miss your blogs coz they are so awesome. And you know, I actually am 3 degrees of seperation away from you?

(i have a friend who knows camelgirl who knows you)


xx scarzz

Camelgirl said...

No pictures of interesting pieces of creative writing.

Jokerman said...

lol. dont worry about it sabine. and no i didn't know.
PC although I actually like linux the most.

Camelgirl said...

Technically, Sabine, you're 2 degrees away, but shh, that's a secret.