Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was not your fault but mine.

Howdy. Schools back! I'm actually enjoying it because we've been getting out early and I haven't got any homework yet so the pressure and worry haven't sunk in yet.:)
I got tagged awhile ago for 'Happy 101 award'. It's ten things that make me happy and I have to have done one of them today. Easy right?
1. Doing my best at basketball and knowing I helped my team.
2. Being with good friends, talking about nothing important, without anything to worry about.
3. Drinking slurpees, especially with friends.
4. Telling jokes only I get.
5. Getting good marks for something I worked really hard for.
6. Waking up after a good dream I can remember.
7. Listening to good music I can zone out to.
8. Reading, listening to or watching something that makes me laugh.
9. Weirding people out.
10. Writing or drawing random things.

In other news, I added Mumford & Sons' 'The Cave' and 'Little Lion Man' to my iPod along with a bunch or Iron Maiden Jason Derulo's 'In My Head' and Lily Allen's 'Back To The Start'.
Mmm. Doonuuts. Ice-cream's better though.:D


Chrissie said...

Don't get too excited compy, this is just me following you with another blog:D
Elfie = Chrissie
Chrissie = ELfie
Ya dig?

Cute thing about unrequited love by the way

Jokerman said...

awesome! ty

Elfie said...

Hey, I've tagged you for taking some of the photos in my recent posts :D