Saturday, February 20, 2010

one thousand one hundred and forty seven steps.

HI! Umm. You know what's good? Bad days that end well. You know whats better? Good days that go bad, but get good again. Today was like that. I woke up okay, then went to Camelgirl's house, so things got better, then I had to leave to play basketball and we played SO badly. I'm still quite angry.
We were playing against a team of five, who had no subs, and we led for around 95% of the game. We were up by about 7 at half time, then it was equal at around 3/4 time. We drew ahead again, but in literally the last minute they caught up and beat us by two points (1 goal = 2 points).
I was so furious, especially since I'd been subbed of in the last 2 minutes and couldn't do anything.
So when we left I got my dad to drop me off at a local park which had a crappy ring so I could cool off for a bit. I then walked home (I counted 1147 steps from a random point to the front door), had a shower and read my blog comments, which cheered me up. So now I'm feeling pretty good. Had a meat pie for dinner, and going to have an apple thing for dessert :).

On to other things. Sabine Cara asked if I'm gay. I'm not gay, though I have been called that many times by different people, mostly because I'm very touchy-feely with my mates. I don't object to being called gay though, as I don't find anything particularly wrong with being homosexual. There are two gay guys who live down the end of my street who are two of the nicest people I know.

Um..I had something else to say.. Oh. I don't use pictures very much because I don't usually go looking for them, but I will try to include them more often:D.
I foolishly attempted to draw the above picture for my drawing class. Needless to say, my version is terrible. I'm looking forward to next term though, because I have an idea of what my major piece is going to be and I can't wait to do it.

Umm.. there was one more thing.. Oh yeah. To any future people checking out my blog, I realise the first 8 or so are..well pretty depressing. Sorry about that. I'd change or delete them, but I don't like messing with previous posts. So yeah, just wanna let you know I'm not always that bad.

And here's the Looking For Alaska that started me off on my John Green craze.


sabine cara said...


god. I am just about obsessed with your blog. You sound like such a cool guy, and yet you're so eeeeh i'm weird x)

That sucks shit about your basketball, I would be like -____-
Ohk, well, if you were gay that'd be cool, but it's also cool that your straight. So, er, cool?

Yay, pictures! It spaces out your blog heaps more, so its easier to read. And I got my friend to follow you, I wasn't sure if she'd like you but she did !

I haven't read your first er, 8 posts. Should I be?

xx scarzz

Jokerman said...

lol. you dont have to. I just have a habit of reading all the blog posts of people i follow to see what theyre like. I'm having trouble doing this on your blog, as there arent any links to specific months and stuff:D. don't worry bout it though.
awesome to everything else you said.