Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ignorance is your new best friend

All I wanted was a hand to hold.
Someone to kiss goodnight.
Something to wake up next to.
Someone to make me feel alive.
Someone I could spend an hour with and never say a single word.
Someone who would love me.

Instead, I'm bawling my eyes out to my dad about my PIECE OF SHIT homework.
I am depressed.

And now I'm trying to think of a suitable title. Life is a fucking joke.


Camelgirl said...

Wow, hello Mr. Sad.
Look, I'm sure there are much worse things in life than some homework.
If it makes you feel better I'm behind in every subject.
Hope you get happier.

sabine cara said...


I really really like that song. I loove paramoreee so much.

hope you're okay!

xx scarzz

Erimentha said...

:( that sucks a lot dear jokerman. 'life is a bitch and it has puppies'. does that help you feel better? hope you feel better soon....

p.s. im finally doing your tag that you gave me ages ago, hope you like it when i publish it! ;)