Saturday, May 15, 2010

She's mine until the end, you know what she is, no doubt about it she's a bad,bad girlfriend.

Hi y'all. We won the basketball grand final today. Don't worry about congratulations, we're D Grade. We really shoulda been C Grade but if we had been we would have come, like 5th. So yeah, basically we suck. Or I suck and other people can't make up for my shitness. Or not.
So I have lots of homework to do and various other sucky things are happening. We have exams soon. I'm not in a good mood lately. On the upside, I found a fun new song: Bad Girlfriend by Theory Of A Deadman. A very fun and sexy song, plus one of the awesomest band names I've ever seen.
Tomorrow I have an appointment to get fortnightly contacts, meaning my glasses-wearing days are probably going to be over soon. I feel kinda sad.
I had lots of things I wanted to say, but I can't remember them so they can't be important.
Let's see if I have some depressingly inspiring pictures...
I don't have many, but they did remind me of two things.
First, It's time for my iPod song shuffle...thing. I've decided to do this on the third Saturday of each month until I get bored, forget or get told to stop.

First song: Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine. This song is their most famous, which is why I have it on my iPod. It's about rejecting authority and probably the Bush government's war in..wherever. It has the word fuck in it 17 times, once in the word motherfucker. My brother was in high school when it came out and he told me everyone listened to it. It is from a genre called rap metal which has some quite good stuff, including some of Linkin Park's early material.

Second song: The (Shipped) Gold Standard by Fall Out Boy. Um. It has one of my favourite FOB lines, 'I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me.' The main theme is I think escaping, becoming an adult and making your own choices in life instead of blaming everyone else for your problems.

Third song: Sing For The Moment by Eminem. Eminem describes the life of a rap-loving teenager trapped by his circumstances. Probably highly autobiographical. He also talk about his current circumstances and his power as an entertainer. The chorus asks the listener to 'sing for the laugh and sing for the tear.' Its a very powerful and emotional song that I love.

Fourth song: Rip It Up by Jet. A great song with some of my favourite opening lyrics: 'Did you ever get the feeling you were born to lose? Smacked in the face with a silver spoon.' The song talks I guess. The lyrics are loosely talking about the music industry-very loosely. I think the chorus is telling people to use everything they have to acheive their goals. Let's just say I don't listen to this song for the lyrics.

Fifth song: Through The Fire And The Flames by Dragonforce. An awesome song about a fantastical quest to acheive some great goal. It has awesome guitar playing and a superb video. I was actually hoping this song would come up. I love it. Go listen to it. GO!

Sorry I only have time for five songs this time. I gotta go to bed and finish this post before it hits 12.

I just wanted to be able to say, this is my girlfriend. I wanted to hold someone close and feel them hold me until everything was better again. I wanted to know that there was someone who loved me no matter what. And now it's all screwed up and I don't know how to fix it. I wanted love, understanding and a hand to hold. I still want all that. I love(d) you.


Cat said...

Thanks for your comment Compy. I really hope you realised that it was the mean girls trailer dubbed over disney. otherwise its time to come out from under that rock and see the greatest teen film of all time. for srrrz.
Cat xx

Jokerman said...

I figured it out half way through. then i went and watched the trailer. I prefer the Disney version I think.

Sloth said...

ov fire and the void!
where is it
2 good songs on there ratm and dragonforce
rest are crap
check out Dethklok
they are awesome