Friday, May 21, 2010

A silver chain held up by God's grace.

I have two yes two new followers. The deep s.k.y. and as-yet mysterious Lilah have joined the party. Hope you enjoy yourselves :D
So I had a good day. A maths test I aced, some other fun and shit subjects, pizza after school, library games and then home.
I actually have interesting things to say today. First, please please please pleeeaassse go here and click 'play' on the right to listen to the song. If you really like rate it highly, though you have to make an account so I understand if you're reluctant. Anyway, I think they're awesome and I want you to love them too.
My mum is once again trying to take things out f my room and give them to op shops while I try to stop her. Before she gave up she asked me to go through an old photo album and take the pictures out. It was full of pictures detailing the years between when I was born and when I was five. It was very strange watching myself grow up with each turning page. I enjoyed it though.Uncomplicated, happy, carefree.
Photos are our best link to the past I think. Memories can fade or be twisted, but a photograph can't ignite a whole host of pictures, sounds and smells you thought you'd forgotten. I take far too few photos.


s.k.y said...
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s.k.y said...

im not always deep... plus you read wht you write?

Jokerman said...

Well the first thing I read of yours was pretty contemplative. I'm hardly ever this deep :D

Lilah said...

I don't think photos are the best link to our past. Photos lie, because we lie. We smile for a photo even if our heart is breaking, we pose and dress up and pretend.

You know when your friend is taking a photo and you immdeiately become self conscious? I think photos capture what we want to project to others more then than they reflect our true selves.

Looking at baby photos is different, we start off real. We don't pretend, it's only us. But I think as we grow we build up a protection, layering ourselves, learning to hide our emotions and ignore truth.

And i don't think photos capture that aspect of us, very rarely.

I hope this doesn't sound like a frontal attack. I really like your blog, it's so real.

Gabrielle said...

Time's a crazy thing :)


PS join my blog?

Smileyfreak said...

Nice post :)
I like photos but I also agree with Lillah,she has made a few good points :)

Erimentha said...

i love your blog.

i also love the beginners guide to living and looking for alaska (the books).

you seem like the coolest guy and the best blogger.

p.s. i love photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cute to look back on!
p.p.s. "the dead belong to the living"--lia hills.

s.k.y said...

haha im sure youre a lot deeper than you think. ever wonder why everyone smiles in photographs all the time?